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A Fresh Start – 2018

I couldn’t believe 2017 already seems like a distant dream which taught many things and left behind footprints of long-lasting memories leaving no stone unturned. 2018 has begun with the much usual fanfare and exuberant celebrations. I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. The days are waiting to whiz past us, the way Steve Smith scores century in Test matches. Time … Continue reading A Fresh Start – 2018

Exile by Taslima Nasrin – Book Review

Everyone must be aware of Taslima Nasrin one way or the other through the controversies she has been shadowed throughout the years which made her almost a household name in India. The book “Lajja” will bear a reminder in everyone’s mind whichever book she still releases. Also she has been battling fatwa issued on her for a long time not to forget she is also … Continue reading Exile by Taslima Nasrin – Book Review