A Fresh Start – 2018

I couldn’t believe 2017 already seems like a distant dream which taught many things and left behind footprints of long-lasting memories leaving no stone unturned. 2018 has begun with the much usual fanfare and exuberant celebrations.

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. The days are waiting to whiz past us, the way Steve Smith scores century in Test matches. Time has already begun to trickle down making it a very valuable thing leaving us to use it to the utmost.




Every New Year is like a blank journal waiting for us to fill its chapters with anecdotes, memorable events, rag to riches stories or the usual failures/successes of that year resolutions. It’s up to us to use it to the maximum and learn something from it.

We would have hordes of dreams within us, we wish that would come true over this year and hope for better, joyous days. But remember one thing, Everything that happens in this year is an experience you are going to cherish for your entire life. It’s a valuable lesson that life bestows upon us. So hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Try to make the best out of yourselves,


Help others without hesitation,


Never be afraid to make mistakes,


Learn something new,


Dare to do something you have always held yourselves from doing, 


Wake up early morning, 


Wander some new places, 


Make new friends, 


Hit the ground and play till it sweats, 


Read an inspiring story/ a beautiful poem/ short fiction, 


Cycle to your work place, 


Learn a new language, 


Try a new recipe/ taste new delicacies, 


Binge-watch tv-series,


Hear an interesting podcast,


Read as much as newspapers/articles you can, 


Stroke the brushes to paint the beautiful painting, 


Sing aloud your favourite song, 


Reduce the time you refresh those News feeds in Social Media,


Crack the toughest of the examinations,


Rekindle those spirits with your fervent speech, 


Do whatever you wish, 


Because you have got one life and I think living it once and making the most memories out of it is enough.  



Also leaving here the words of Neil Gaiman which I felt was an inspiration to me. Read the full text here: Neil Gaiman’s Journnal



Once Again wishing you an awesome year ahead.






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