Murder In Paharganj |Kulpreet Yadav | Book Review

Kulpreet Yadav’s new book “Murder in Paharganj has been getting a lot of social media hype over the past days. The blurb makes the reader anticipate the book to be a great thriller. Who doesn’t love a stunning thriller that makes you go over the edge of your seats? Has Kulpreet Yadav’s new thriller got all the elements right?

A foreigner, Sherry Bing is dead in a hotelroom in Paharganj, New Delhi and Vicks Menon, an investigative journalist arrives at the crime scene before anyone else does. Vicks is a journalist who was fired due to his alcoholism and had a girl friend Tonya, who has walked out on him. Vicks is desperately looking for a story and he decides to delve deeper to solve this murder mystery to prove his worth as a journalist. The murder is a high profile one involing political conspiracy between nations which takes him to Udaipur and Thailand.

I haven’t read Kulpreet Yadav’s earlier books, so I read the book with a lot of expectations. The cover of the book with a dark shade is good but not enticing. Murder in Paharganj as the blurb reads has all the elements to be a fantastic thriller yet it fails to fascinate us. The author is to be lauded for his efforts and research in explaining the working of undercover agents, intelligence agencies and this is one of the peculiar aspects of the book.

The writing is simple to understand with cliffhangers beiing regular at the end of chapters. There are too many characters in the book which makes it difficult to follow the plot. Also there are too many incidients induced within the plot which gives a feeling of drag. Further into the story readers could easily guess the outcomes of incidents which weighs the narrative down.

The plot fails to offer the page turning, nail bitting experience inspite of its scope with its vast storyline and a intriguing plot. No character is compelling in the story and Vicks who is supposed to be shouldering the plot with his brilliance just disappoints the readers. The climax seems to be rushed in a hurry with some uninspiring incidents.

The book could have improved a lot on many aspects and a shorter version would have triumphed with the readers. Muder in Paharganj is a less intriguing potboiler with bland characters disppointing readers inspite of its scope.


Book Details : 

Author: Kulpreet Yadav

Paperback: 278 pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury India 

Language: English

Genre:  Fiction/Thriller

ISBN: 9386826615

Copy: Flipkart Review Copy

Rating: 2/5

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