The Old Man and His God: Discovering the Spirit of India by Sudha Murthy – Book Review

Some books will make us choose disparate decisions and change the way we think or even confabulate. That’s the kind of hard hitting thing good books do to the readers. Please forgive me, if You had thought of non-fictions which go lengths about preaching good habits, inculcating thoughts and whatever.

The book that I read and fell in love was also a Non Fiction, but wait it’s a collection of wonderful anecdotes of instances, chance meetings and real life experiences which Sudha Murthy encountered along her work and life.

Sudha Murthy needs no introduction. She is a well established social worker, philanthropist and the Chairperson of the eminent Infosys Foundation and not to forgot a great writer who has carved her own niche of fiction and non fiction works. I had already read some of her works, thanks to my twin sibling.

Her House of Cards was the first book that I read and was completely enticed by the way she portrayed the emotions and Indianess in her book. After that I was captivated to read her books which were followed by Dollar Bahu, Mahashweta and How I Taught My Grandmother to Read

So I took the book published in 2006 – The Old Man & His God to read. The book although small greeted me with its beautiful cover which is photographed by Aranb Chatterjee. The design of the book though simple attracts us with its uniqueness of colours chosen. The book as the blurb claims is a mix bag of real life incidents which is narrated by Sudha Murthy herself. All the 25 anecdotes seems to connect us well as we are siphoned into her world of beautiful real life characters and setting which we would experience only in her books.

As the pages are turned, words throttling each chapters, there is a cherished feeling that the mind attains on completing a good book. I have known many readers to praise books written by authors only for their use of enticing English, but fails to notice that Indian English literature too contains some excellent books that are more worthy. (Please don’t judge me here, I want readers to read as many books as possible irrespective of the languages).

The setting of the book, the words minced by the characters and the effect it takes on us is all relatable since these are characters which we can see on a quotidian life. The book never once enters itself into the realms of preaching and it leaves the moral of the anecdote to the reader which are usually very simple thoughts.

Some chapters particularly, India, The Holy Land, made a different feeling altogether showcasing the thoughts of people who think India on a different plane and still grateful for India. Every chapter spans over 3 or 4 pages to the maximum except the last chapter which spans over ten pages but that doens’t won’t bother the readers. The book made my admiration to Sudha Murthy to a higher level and I wish she gives books like these to the readers still.

This book will be a short sweet read doens’t swallowing much of our times and makes a memorable time to spend with. A perfect gift for children and teens who want to know the world and explore through your own senses. Go Get it and enjoy the magical spell of Sudha Murthy’s world of words.

A short 131 pages  realistic book. (Now Amazon & Flipkart showcases a different cover.) 


Book Details : 

Author:  Sudha Murthy

Paperback: 131 pages

Publisher: Penguin Books

Language: English

Genre:  Non Fiction

ISBN:  9780144001019

Copy:  Own Copy

Rating: 4/5

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