50 Cups of Coffee : The Woes and Throes of Finding Mr Right – Book Review


The smell elicits freshness, triggers memories of good times and the mere mention of the name stirs our brains with pleasantness. The aroma of it makes us travel into a world of our own for quite some time making us forget all the troubles that have been plaguing us all the time or for the time being.

If a single cup of coffee can do this, imagine what 50 cups of coffee can do? And that is the intriguing title of Khushnuma Dharuwala’s book that sweeps us with its title and the cover design. The title will surely grab eyeballs and make the readers hand pick it. But hold on your thoughts before being judgmental about a romantic indie fiction novel, which is already piling up in the bookstores, this ain’t one.

The book is an alluring account of an Indian girl, Dia who is trying to find Mr.Right who will be her life partner for the rest of her life. Like many girls in our country, she also gives a try in matrimonial sites to find the guy for her life, signing up in one matrimonial site. Her experiences of exasperating, perplexing meetups with various persons along with a coffee make the crux of the book. The author describes the experiences of Dia, her meetings, her juggling thoughts and the grit to find the right guy to spend her life with.

50 Cups of Coffee : The Woes and Throes of Finding Mr Right

The author has written with grit about the current matrimonial scenario and the dating backdrop of these times. The book is witty at places and each chapter intrigues us with its own charm, never allowing us to diverge from pages of the book. It’s never hard to believe that this is a non-fiction book as we can relate to many of the things and that’s where the reality strikes hard. The facepalm moments, judgments and the sarcastic thoughts will ring a bell within us.

The accounts of Dia who is nearly 30 years who is not settling anything less for the Mr.Right would remind the readers of themselves. These moments along with a coffee makes this book a memorable read. Also, the quotes (bits of advice) before every chapter is full of pun and makes us laugh such as this:

“Not everyone married is happy, Not everyone happy is married”

“The Truth is out there. In His-Story” (And I have an incurable punning disease) 

The writing is simple and the reader will have no problem in following the accounts and meetings of Dia. The book is a light read and will make you laugh about reminiscing memories about our past dates. The book also doesn’t sound preachy anywhere, so try this book along with a brewing hot coffee and reminisce about the times and the witting account of Dia.

I would recommend this book to all readers who are looking for a light read. This witting account will surely lighten your heart and brighten your day with its pun and sarcasm. Go read the book.


Book Details : 

Author:  Khushnuma Daruwala

Paperback: 196 pages

Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Language: English

Genre: Non-Fiction

ISBN:  9780143428206, 0143428209

Copy:  Flipkart Review Programme

Rating: 3.5/5

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