Think With Me by Subrata Roy Sahara

Problems are everywhere around us and it is uncountable in this present scenario. Everyone has some problems ranging from small to big. When we take the nation as a whole , the problems becomes even more which cannot be solved easily and within a stipulated time.

The author Subrata Roy Sahara manages to elaborate the problems which are prevalent in today’s scenario and try to bring out some solutions which could be possible and even some are unbelievable in this short book which is the second of his “Tihar Trilogy”. The author discusses everyday problems which are there for a long time without proper answers and solutions.

The author confabulate 5 important themes in the book which are Population , education , media , religion and Electoral system & Leadership. Even a few solutions which are proposed seems unlikely to implement. The chances of these explications can be made someday but not immediately.

The author do adds valid points about the current scenario pertaining to elections where the candidates belonging to a certain party endorses many things.

On the contrary only certain things are fulfilled by the winning candidate in future. Also many a time , the next election comes before the fulfillment of the said things , and people still don’t get the benefits and they are carried to the next election and it goes on.

There is no law to cancel the candidature of a elected candidate when they don’t fulfill the said things. So there should be a way of mentoring them and if they fails to do those things within a certain period they should be removed from the post. But this may not be immediately implemented but rather there should be a law devised for this one. As said “With great power comes great responsibility” , they have to realize this first.

The next major issue which is discussed is media and nowadays breaking news are merely based on facts and not based on real events. Recent events which happened shows the irresponsibility of the media. This meant that they say what they want and the end viewer doesn’t know what was the actual issue. This leads to negative information’s being shared which causes problems. The author also gives ways to bring these types down , but as usual making it as mandatory or bringing it in real scenario is nearly impossible.

So the author tries to give remedial solutions to the problems from his point of view which can be done. Also the decision making lies with the government and in the near future maybe the solutions can be brought in. The end result should be a good one and that’s what every citizens wish. All aspires to lead a life with nil problems and as a nation everyone yearns for a good society which could only be achieved when everyone leads a happy life without any problems.

This book is short and would suit for non fiction lovers. It will not consume more of your time and you will feel good after reading this  and the discussed topics make us to discuss them more.

Book Details : 

Author: Subrata Roy Sahara

Paperback: 128 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Language: English

Genre:  Non-Fiction

ISBN-13: 978-8129142252

Copy: Review Copy

Rating: 3/5

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