Skyfire by Aroon Raman – Book Review

Normally people argue that academic books provide essential knowledge to everyone, but only Bibliophiles and Movie watchers will prove them wrong. The book that I have read has provided me with information that I was intrigued by it and ended reading about the, gaining me more knowledge which otherwise I would have been ignorant about that.

I don’t remember the last time I read a book by an Indian author with political thriller at its best. Aroon Raman’s new book “Skyfire” is a gripping tale which is sure to enthrall the readers with its eloquence. This is my first book of Aroon Raman and the fact that this book is a sequel of Shadow Throne his previous work doesn’t hinder the continuity of this book. The characters are well etched in our minds and this book can be read alone without knowing about Shadow Throne.

Journalist Chandrasekar, history professor Meenakshi and Intelligence operative Syed Ali Hassan searching for the missing links of children and the mysterious events of unimaginable weather occurrences and epidemics unleashed across our country and the links connecting them forms a formidable plot.  ( There are constant reminders about #ShadowThrone in the book and after reading this book, I was enraptured into reading Shadow Throne).

The author takes parallel story lines going on side by side. This particular technique although used many times is used to build up the pressure with the readers and keeps the mystery factor altogether tight. The book is a well researched one and the new scientific terms aren’t bizarre to us nor they petrify the readers about the ignorance on those subjects. The author rather has taken the role of explaining it in the accompanying paragraphs that cool us and provide the required pace.

The events unfold before our eyes from the streets of Delhi where the children went missing to confidential governmental investigative rooms and from there to ravishing locales of Bhutan where the finale is set. The term “Weather Warfare” would be freakish but the author holds the appreciation for spinning a tale around this term. Also the locales range from the streets of Delhi to Snowy ranges of Saltoro Kangri and the lavishing picturesque Bhutan and other parts of India such as Indore and Salem would sure take the readers a tour.

The only negatives are that lots of characters are passe like the ones who come into picture during the investigative room parts. The other thing is that of the antagonist which was a very easy guess. Readers would have found something amiss from the inception he was introduced. Though the book is only 256 pages it hooks us to the story without letting us break the reveries of the story we are having. This was a wonderful read. I am looking forward for Aroon’s future books and intrigued to read his previous works too.


Book Details : 

Author: Skyfire

Paperback: 256 pages

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Language: English

Genre: Fiction / Thriller

ISBN: 9789382616610, 9382616616

Copy: Flipkart Review Programme

Rating: 4/5

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