One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat – Book Review

Chetan Bhagat books always bring excitement and also harsh criticism for many at the same time. Sure he has been the initiator for many new age readers in India, but that’s not the case now and he has to understand that and change the fact that he is still bringing new readers into the fold. I mean readers in India are exposed to more books through latest e-commerce websites and still citing the same old thing aren’t going to do any good.

One Indian Girl when it is released had much speculation about it. Sure the much expected feminist point of view in the book and the first female protagonist of Chetan Bhagat was all bringing excitement among his fans for sure. But has he made it worth?

The book cover as always is colorful and surely wouldn’t miss the eyes of readers in a bookstore. The author’s name and the designs speak for them. The book also has a new fac e to it, a female protagonist different from Chetan’s other book.

The story starts with a week celebration for a marriage at Marriots in Goa. Radhika Mehta, a Vice President at investment bank Goldman Sachs is going to be married to Brijesh Gulati in a week and the celebrations are ON. To her surprise she has been nagged all along the week by her former boyfriend in New York asking her to forgive him and marry him. Avoiding this, Radhika also finds entangled in another conflict. Her another man from Hong Kong who almost two decades older than her and with whom she had been in a relationship arrives at Goa with an offer to elope in a private charted plane. So what did Radhika Mehta do ? What choices did she have and did she make?

The narrative was rather predictable and the climax at the end of the book seems to be more predictable by anyone. So there was nothing interesting in that fact of the part. The writings weren’t that hard to follow like any other Chetan’s book and the characters are all well etched. Only Radhika Mehta remains in our heart after the final confrontation. The feminist angle seems to be less empathetic as it doesn’t cater to all the female in India.

But the best part is that the mini me part where she speaks with the her inner self and he has nailed it. Other than this I also found to skip many pages and the story doesn’t seem to inflict me or I didn’t get lost in the middle.

This book be like always enjoyed by Chetan Bhagat fans and critics will find good time thrashing it making him popular than ever, benefiting the publisher. The story is good to be made as a Bollywood movie. { Did any signing take place, I am not aware of anything yet.}



Book Details : 

Author: Chetan Bhagat

Paperback: 280 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Language: English

Genre:  Fiction

ISBN: 978-8129142146,8129142147

Copy:  Publisher

Rating: 3/5

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