Querida vida !!

Querida vida (Dear Life),

Hi There. It’s been a very long time since we had confabulated. I am not that busy actually and I am scribbling my thoughts to you. I wish everyone had a life like me, like you. Yeah, this letter is for you and only for you.

Thanks for choosing me. You had been with me my entire life. You didn’t abandon me in times when adversity struck me. You were there with me when I had my greatest success.


You were there when my mother gave me along with you into this beautiful world. We had witnessed together all the idyllic sceneries of the terrains, flushy meadows, endless blue seas, far stretching deserts.

You and me both raised those puppies till they attained their old age with such love. We both planted those trees which is providing tons of oxygen into this world keeping the harmful carbon dioxide with it. We both witnessed the ultra change of villages into urban cities and urban cities into metropolitan cities.

We both have rode the spoked cycles to the latest Harley Davidson and from playing with toys made of wheels to actually been at the wheels of driving my favorite car. We have both witnessed the sense of pride in my parents when they saw me succeed.

I took the greatest decision of my life, My career and You chose to stay with mine, ready to take those strides in whatever hings we crossed. We have been together and we grew together from my day into this world. Thanks to God and my Mother for giving You into me.

You were there when I was an infant, a child, a teen and when I became a MAN. You didn’t complain about me, about how I was, about what decisions I made and rather be a silent spectator holding my hands, staying with me.

But on the other hand I have sometimes accused God of giving you me. SORRY for that. I won’t do that again. I will also strive more hard in to be more like and enjoy the remaining days of mine like you holding your dead hands. I wont be greedy enough to be like You but I will try to be You. I will always pledge to hold hands with you like You always did with me and fly in the skies in the days to come. I don’t if I will do justice to what You did to me in my whole years I have been living, but sure I will not abandon You and will stay with You forever until You wish.

You took strides with me all along the years still waiting to cross those breezy days or days of tide in the future too. How will tell others the relationship between You and me ? Are we brothers ? Are You my love ?

You are my life. Really life, you are my life, Dear Zindagi.






“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.




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