The Temple Tigers and More Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett – Book Review

This book is  a continuation of Man Eaters of Kumaon and describes vividly about the adventures of Corbett’s hunting exploits in the breathtaking Himalayan region. He tracks down man eaters and bears in the Dabidhura, Muktesar, Panar and Tanekpur regions and the narration is no less than the previous book which has some riveting experiences of his journey.

As usual the cover the design of the series is brilliant. The gleaming cover with the beat’s image blended with blue colors vividly grabs the readers eyes. The image speaks a million words in this picture. An appreciation is to be given to the cover designs of Saurav Das for these brilliant designs.

The Temple Tigers and More Man-Eaters begins from the end of the Man-Eaters of Kumaon and it doesn’t feel odd reading a new book with the journey extended over two books. Lucky the readers are to have witnessed the prowess of Corbett’s narration over two marvelous books.

The description of the local legends and his awe about the traditions are a treat to the readers. The anecdotes here and there along the book makes this a breezy one throwing more information about the landscapes of the regions in modern day Uttarakhand. Corbett’s success not only lies in bringing life to the whole narration, but in vividly describing all his painstaking efforts, the life style of man-eaters, local life and his views on hunting while never bragging about his bravery. His views on man-eaters and his humbleness about his prowess makes him a better human being which brings no awe in why he later chose to be a conservationalist until the end of his life.  Jim.jpg

This is the best book of the series according to me as I read this book thrice until now that it has put some enchantment on me through the words and the vivid descriptions. The book contains ‘The Temple Tiger‘, ‘The Muktesar Man-eater‘, ‘The Panar Man-eater‘, ‘The Chuka Man-eater‘ and ‘The Talla Des Man-eaterThe part on the temple tiger and the Talla Des Man Eater are the best narrations I loved very much to the core while the remaining stories still casting a magical spell on me. The diminutive details about the confrontations of the man eaters and the adversities that were caused by the them to the locals are best described in a way that makes us sit on the cusp of our seats while waiting for the man-eaters to emerge out.

This book would be a great choice of gift to nature lovers and who love books based on wildlife and flora of India with a beautiful depiction. Go grab the book and read them or else you will miss a great part of the bygone days of Corbett’s effort in eliminating the beasts that were a menace for the locals which had them trembling down.

P.S : Also If you would like to read my review on the previous book in the series, read it here.  Man Eaters of Kumaon

Book Details : 

Author: Jim Corbett

Paperback: 184 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Language: English

Genre:  Non Fiction/ Nature

ISBN:   9788129141859, 812914185X

Copy:  Publisher

Rating: 4.5/5

Grab the book in Flipkart or Amazon. (Both sites have the wrong image of the book cover, the image above is the one for this particular book). 



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