Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett – Book Review

A great sense of happiness and nostalgia rolls down our spines whenever we pick up a book written by our favorite author. The same thing happened when I got the man eater series of Jim Corbet published by Rupa Publications.

Jim Corbett, who is not only a hunter turned conservationalist but also a beautiful narrator. He brings the idyllic sceneries of Kumaon and Garwhal and the flora, fauna of the region in front of our eyes. The cover design is stunning beautiful with the beast captured in the furious mode. That strikes an instant liking with the readers in choosing the book and NO the author doesn’t disappoint or takes hide under a beautiful cover. He has written with such brevity that the turning of pages seems so easy and the book fills us with amazement. 

The book is all about the killing of man eaters which rampaged the areas of Kumaon and Garwhal, now parts of modern day Uttarakhand and the pains Jim Corbett underwent in tracking them and his decisions in putting them to rest. There are much characters in the book rather some occasional friends of the author, rather most time his interactions are with the locals of Kumaon. The tracking of tigers with his trusty guard dog Robin amuses us since Corbett chooses to track tigers alone with Robin sometimes.

This book contains the famous stories like “The Bachelor of Powalgarh”, “The Chowgarh Tigers”, “The Kanda Man-eater” which tends to keep the readers glued to the book. The incidents are real life and it takes us to admire his ability of undertaking such painful efforts in tracking the man eaters risking his own life sometimes.

The author also registers that all tigers are not man eaters and the ones which become are due to circumstances and not due to liking of blood of humans. Jim Corbett sure takes us on a journey into the wild forests of Kumaon, Champawat, Chowgarh, Powalgarh, Mohan, Kanda, Pipal and Thak. He makes the journey of his, a memorable one to the readers also. No wonder Jim Corbett National Park is named under him for his tireless efforts to conserve tigers.

I would suggest this book to all nature and animal lovers, who expect not just a book of facts but which include a adventurous ride into the forest of India.

Book Details : 

Author: Jim Corbett

Paperback: 184 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Language: English

ISBN:  8129140365, 978-8129140364

Copy:  Publisher

Rating: 4.5/5

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