Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit – Book Review

It’s not everyday that you see an oxymoron title that makes you want to read a book that also has an attractive cover which is sure to grab the eyes. Varsha Dixit’s latest novel “Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right” is the third in the Right & Wrong trilogy with some characters of the previous books making an elaborate appearance making the readers at ease. Even though the story/plot is the main decider of whether the a novel is a winner, the cover design along with the title and the characters also assist a good plot in deciding a winner.The publishing team has taken care of the design of the cover efficiently I must say. The cover design gives a good hint about the whole story in itself, but don’t think you can easily guess the original story.

The designers have thoughtfully established the male and the female protagonists of the novel with illustrations of hearts, a heel, wine glasses, coffee mugs and pancakes. These hints on the cover design will sure blow your mind when you finish the novel.
Now into the story, this tale is a mixture of romance, friendship, family, bravery and betrayal. The plot is mainly about an NRI girl Gayatri Dutta who is ambitious in getting a job as operations manager to prove her worth in the mad scientist Dr. Viraj’s lab. She is taunted by her words to marry the person of his choice and settle with him rather than wasting her time in India.

Viraj who has been portrayed as strict scientist and has an abusive father is at the verge of inventing a battery. These two fell in love and how Gayatri overcame her fears confronting them making a successful entrepreneur and a mother of twin children forms the rest of the story. 

The characters are well established by Varsha Dixit and the language is very simple. It is so engaging that you can finish the book in a single sitting. The best and interesting thing that I found in the book is that the mind voices of the respective characters are differentiated from the other fonts and that is quite a surprise for the readers.The readers are at an ease as the following of the story is quite easy and the there are no parallels such as an flashback that diverts the attention of the readers. The plot is so organized from the inception till the end without needing to roll over the front pages for clarity.

The quirky conversations between Viraj & Gayatri, pun intended speeches of Sneha & Nandini, the assault episode on Gayatri which she overpowers all makes this novel an unforgettable experience for the readers.The pace of the story doesnt lag anywhere till the end and surprised the readers.

Although the betrayal of one character who is well portrayed, would quite easily be guessed in the story which was an irking thing in a beautifully woven tale. That is the only part where the readers would have plainly be blunt and the remaining parts a treat for the fans of Varsha Dixit and the new readers.


Book Details : 

Author: Varsha Dixit

Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Language: English

Genre:  Fiction

ISBN:  9788129141972, 8129141973

Copy:  Publisher

Rating: 3/5

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