Magical World of its own kind


Creating a story with characters that seems to take our heart and soul into the world of a imagination is always an amazing feeling. It is better when there are characters that already exist and the only thing is we have our full freedom of creating a story that cherishes our memories of our childhood. I was so happy when Colgate gave me this opportunity with #Colgatemagicalstories . It was particularly fun along with some kids to weave a story with mystical characters.


The Pirates and the Sea World

Once upon a time , there was a fairy land that was not known to people in our world. There were four pirates who were ruthless in looting the treasures of the others and lead a happy life. Their names were Stanley, Smith, Rose and a pet parrot named Joe. One day, when they were looting a ship they got a treasure map by chance when Smith was looking for anything hidden which was is usual habit. Smith was so happy when he got the treasure map and asked his pirate friends whether they can go for the treasure unsure about their journey. The other three where puzzled on why he is unsure about the journey and to which Smith replied the treasure remains inside a fairly land under the sea and we have to risk our lives.The treasure was a kind of urban legend that remained over long times. Joe explained about the treasure and a Killer Whale who was the King of the sea and the Guardian of the treasures and only people can go there when its the birthday of the Killer Whale. The King of the Under Sea used tot throw a great party on which any one can enter the deep sea to attend his party and people have been reportedly going there on his birthday to loot the treasure only to find it is closely guarded by the Killer whale himself and it is impossible to loot that.

And while a curious Smith asked his team on entering the day after as it was considered to be the birthday of the Killer Whale. Stanley and Rose weren’t sure about the plan as they haven’t done anything like this in their entire life. But due to Smith’s and Joe’s compulsion and their dreams about their treasure made them go along with Smith’s plan.On reaching a place near an island where it was told the doors to the deep sea would be open, the pirates found their ways in to the deep sea which was magical in every term possible. The party was joyous and all the animals and some humans who have attended the party where thriving in happiness with the hospitality of the Killer Whale. The Killer Whale has made an octopus named Sam as its right aid for rendering advises and to save the treasure. Suddenly the pirate team made an attack on the Killer Whale sides and there was gory fight in the magical world. Killer Whale and the team were reluctant to give up and fought well not to let the pirates loot down their treasure. While saving the treasure and going somewhere, the octopus Sam was killed in the meantime by the pirate team and others including Oar horse, Star Fish and the Ray who were among the best soldiers of the Killer Whale army. Other than soldiers of the army, they were also the best friends of Killer Whale and Killer Whale couldn’t control its anger. As Rosy was about to kill one of the dolphins of the Killer Whale army, the magical world was already a mess losing its extravagance as a party scene and entering into a gory war scene. Killer Whale shouted in anger “Rosy leave the dolphin”. Rosy was puzzled and asked the Killer Whale on how he knew her name and if she didn’t find the answer convincing she would kill the dolphin. Killer Whale already losing half of its army has no trouble in retelling how Rosy was her child and due to fear from the magical world he sent far away from the land as a girl child. But she has now joined the pirate army and killing her own kind. Rosy on hearing this couldn’t believe all this told by the Killer Whale. But an instinct and the memories of her childhood hit her suddenly and she remembered Killer Whale to be her father. She couldn’t fathom the fact that she is killing her own kind and in a furious act she killed all the pirates who had deceived her in killing his own father and loot the treasure of her father. Lion Fish on arriving late to the party which has already become a gory war scene asked the Killer Whale about the massacre. Killer Whale replied “That’s a long story my friend”, :Let the party begin.My Daughter has come home.: And then the party begun again in the magical world.


Colgate cover
Source : IndiBlogger



Thanks Colgate for the wonderful opportunity for letting me create a magical world for the kids and the others alike.





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