Bengal Write Ahead Best 50 Stories from the Facebook Contest (English) by Kolkata Bloggers – Book Review

A sense of amusement fills you , when you were invaded by happiness and joy. That happened when a post arrived with the book “Bengal Write Ahead”. To write a short note about how this was made into the final form is very interesting.

Bengal Write ahead is a contest organized by Facebook , in partnership with Rupa publications , RED FM and Kolkata Bloggers. It invited people from all over the world to write about Bengal and submit their articles online. This attempt was done to see how Bengal is portrayed by everyone and I think this is a beautiful initiative by Rupa Publication and Facebook.

To tell about the extra surprise , it has foreword by Derek O’Brien. The articles or thoughts from various authors about Bengal has a mix of unique things such as arts , sports , literature , landscape , cinema and about the city ” Kolkata” in a manner of old, present and future.

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Every article is unique and also very different from others. Every author has written perfectly and make the readers to think about the story again. Even some of the articles are definitely exceptional in reading.

Some of the stories or articles which really attracted me are Alzheimer, A Literary stroll through Boi Para, God’s Own Abode , Bengoal Right Ahead, Tumi Ashbe Boley Taai. That doesn’t mean that the others are less interesting (definitely not). They are equally good. Some articles or stories are written directly in Bengali Language. (That made a difficult thing for a Non Bengali reader like me, I expected a English Translation for them). To be precise there were 8 of the articles written in Bengali.

I’m sure you will not get bored because the articles about a city and its various things interests you in many ways which is not explainable by words. I will definitely recommend it to readers who are interested in reading anthology , non fiction and stories about cities and travelers. The cover design of the book is very different from other books and definitely needs a applause. The designer Mugdha Sadhwani has made an attractive cover which doesn’t over-shade the book. Since the book is by various authors and its a compilation , there are certain things which are repeated but doesn’t make it less interesting. Also this book is a 134 paged short one so you will need only hours of reading time. Strong themes and good selection of articles and simple language makes this book a definitely a good read.


Book Details : 

Paperback: 146 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Language: English

Genre: Non Fiction / Anthology

ISBN-13: 978-8129140425

Copy: Review Copy

Rating: 4/5

Buy the book at amazon and Flipkart


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