Eternal Vehicle and the Heavenly Ride

A vehicle, always is a symbol of status in our country. Also getting a car of our wish and driving it for the first time will make us feel the heavens within the vehicle. The proud smiles on our parents face when they see their son/daughter get a car and take them on their first ride in the brand new car. What a sweet memory it would be, but choosing the car of our choice which takes our admiration and suits our cost is always a bizarre thing.


Lots of TV advertisement confuse us  and our people usually are keen about he performance, mileage and the seating capacity rather than the ubiquitous and eye grabbing designs. A sleek minimal design with all the above said features with less cost would hit the markets rather than a very expensive car with ultra designs. A car for most of the owners is more than a transport vehicle and the rapport that some of them have has really stunned me. Although I wish to ride across the country with a bike ( That’s one of my Dreams), a journey with a car along the west coast or the east coast doesn’t seem boring. An ideal car will always suit me and I am looking for that ideal car since I am not interested in high end cars that doesn’t cater to needs of Indian environment.

When I was recently browsing the Internet for cars and their related information, I stumbled upon Datsun redi-Go which caught the immediate attention of my eyes. So I will hereby share my top features I liked through the information I gathered along.  As an Auto enthusiast myself I like collecting information about various automotive vehicle and their related gadgets. So lets see how Datsun redi-Go became an ideal car which I have always wanted. (Datsun redi-Go is to be launched on June 7th in India)


  1. Sleek Design :

Every aspiring car owner expects a sleek design with latest idyllic design of the car. The design must be well blended without forcing its hands on the aerobic features reducing the mileage and the other features. The Datsun redi-Go features a Tall boy design sleek enough to grab the eye balls with its unique colours and somewhat resembling the Kwid which is already popular amongst the masses.


2. Performance : 

The car has a very good engine which boosts its performance very much and makes much influence in the minds of the customers while comparing other cars. This performance will be a must consider factor while weighing its option and also the reduced price will be another important prospect that will also influence the customer.


3. Safety :

Without compromising the safety of the design although the vehicle is at a low price ranging from 2.5 lakh to 3.5 lakh ( it’s highest range car), it has cluster shielding technology which is a very good thing when it comes to safety measure. The energy efficient steering and the air bags also complement to the decision of the customers while making the ultimate decision to get this car. The interior and the exterior also contributes to the beauty of the car.

I would like to test the car driving it from Chennai to Puri, Orissa while I can test its endurance, mileage, braking performance and the safety performances. Also taking photographs all along the way boasting about the car and the design and my experience will also be in my list.


Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.




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