False Ceilings by Amit Sharma – Book Review

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
George Orwell, 1984

Readers particularly regulars find it interesting and sets their minds in getting a book that is about a family saga. False Ceilings is neatly oven intricate family with a secret that has been withheld over the years written by Amit Sharma. I must admit here that debut authors while writing their first book will tend to attract readers with many things like romance, humour, etc., But Amit has decided to stay with the story all through the end although to add a few more pages to the 256 pages book he has wrote some incidents which were quite leading the readers to nowhere.

The story ranges through a vast time from 1930’s to the 2060’s (i.e.) pre-independence till the futuristic modern era. The author have used the time as a regular thing in the story to contrast various characters. But whenever a character is introduced to us it is as short lived and the story continues with his/her successor. This would have made an effect on the readers for sure.

The story is about Shakunthala, the well pampered daughter of a builder born in picturesque mountains of Dalhouise in 1930. After losing her parents to fate, she is left with the family of her uncle. She stays in their home and finds the man of her life. On her nuptial night she is provided with a secret by her Uncle something wrapped in yellow cloth to be used a weapon precisely only when needed. The secret has been revealed or its been passed down generations or it remained clandestine forever lies the story following the life events of our protagonist’s family.

The depiction of Shakunthala as a caring daughter and one who finds solace with the mountains and the relationship with her cousins, her dearest horse reveals her character and makes her envious. Although the other characters are short lived (many), they tend to be the ides of succession in the story. The narration is rather non linear where in times we are confused of who the speaker is, but after some initial hiccups in identifying the character there is nothing tedious in the narration.

The mentioning of Rabindranth Tagore and Subash Chandra Bose stay in Dalhouise and other events that are depicted throughout the time shows how far the author has had his research and making them blend with the story. The secret is held upon tightly until the end of the story making the readers puzzled and guessing what it might and the readers are in for a treat when they had the full story finished. The cover design isn’t that attractive but once we read the story, the readers can understand the cover design. It could have been much appealing but like everyone says never judge the book by its cover.

The book is a light transfamily saga and will be fond for all readers who are interested in a debut author. The narration is simple and will engage the readers till the end.

Book Details : 

Author: Amit Sharma

Paperback: 256 pages

Publisher: LiFi Publicatons

Language: English

Genre:  Fiction

ISBN-13: 9789382536895

Copy: WritersMelon Review Copy

Rating: 3/5

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