Hedon by Priyanka Mookerjee : Book Review

Instant love for the book happens when the book owns a great cover design. The love becomes even more intense when the book has a superb romance fiction genre to it. Always love stories find more attraction to the young book lovers , since they can relate these stories with their life or that of their friends. Moreover if the story is more realistic with an essence of love and friendship , the love towards the book increases. Romance seems to be an indelible option when it comes to attracting young readers in hoard.

If the narration of the story is simple, it gains brownie points from the readers in an instant. Always a debut author doesn’t score in every aspect that the readers wish. There are more expectation for debut authors and those who fill these expectations are really rare and less. 

One such great debut for an author who fulfills the expectations of the readers in every aspect is Priyanka. Interestingly this book’s plot doesn’t make the story fade away when the pages were turned. The story becomes interesting and makes the reader to turn the next page and compels them to finish it in a stretch.

What does “Hedon” has in store for the readers ? What is the story of Hedon ? To be simple , ‘The story is about two people and their love’. The next question which would pop in our mind is , ” How it is different from the normal love stories and relationships? “.

Tara and Jay Dhillon first meet in a marriage function. They become friends. The discussions, talks and meetings change their friendship into love. They become lovers and not to forget , they have age difference which makes it a complexion.The time period in which the story travels and the hurt which comes after the love makes the reader to hook to the upcoming pages. The years which unfurls during the love plays a crucial role.

You may even have a doubt , whether the book is all about these two people. We would come to a conclusion, then you may jump into a wrong one. The accompanying characters holds the story with the beautiful narration from the author that makes the story interesting. Her parents , friends and to be specific the cookie and the button.

The story happens in Calcutta and US , so there are references about the culture in these places respectively. The choice what the character’s  makes , moves the story and the transformation over the time, the character grows and so the story.

Why should you read Hedon ?

The book is written in simple form where readers doesn’t get over complex things and the narration is rather urging the readers to turn the pages soon. The book would takes us through a journey of humor, melancholy and love. I am sure this isn’t what we expect when you pick a book thinking that it too will be a regular novel. This is way too different from those.


Book Details : 

Author: Priyanka Mookerjee

Paperback: 312 pages

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Language: English

Genre:  Fiction

ISBN-13: 9780143425953

Copy: Flipkart Review Programme

Rating: 4/5

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