The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi : Book Review

Books with a historical touch blended with the modern history is very rare in novels, that too perfection in blending doesn’t seems to get well with the readers. But when it is the famous author “Ashwin Sanghi”, he deals these kinds of efficacy with ease. This book which is one among the Bharat series has been already on the bestseller shelves in leading e-commerce portals.

The cover design like every Ashwin Sanghi books isn’t grabbing eyes so much but eyes our attention when we see the name and the title that large. The hands have much cryptic sense to them and makes the readers to expect more of it in the pages of the book.The book is rather the fattest among the Bharat series and it doesn’t hinder the readers much I would say.

The Sialkot Saga begins in Amritsar where a train with uncountable corpses rather than alive ones from Sialkot during the Independence Partition times. The story then shifts back to the time where Ashoka meets his clandestine group and speaks about something to be guarded and that doesn’t end there, the scene then shifts to a speech of Jawaharlal Nehru. Reading the above things if you guess this is about partition, the author proves the readers wrong for guessing and continues from there. The story shifts between Kolkata and Bombay touching ancient Prayag, Bhutan sometimes. It also describes the details about the life of a Kolkata businessman Aravind Bagadia and Arbaaz who is the son of a dock worker in Bombay. How the story connects these two and what is the secret that all the ancient kings have passed down to the modern times is skillfully narrated within the 588 page spectacle.


Ashwin really surprises by adding real life incidents like the Emergency and real life personalities like Vajpayee and Shyaam Prasad Mukherjee. This additions not only gives the readers a known feel but also adds a special flavor to the story which is as strong as the plot line. The shifts between the ancient history and modern India has been handled with ease and not confusing the readers in anyways.

The information sprinkled around the plot line like the “internal disturbance” due to which Emergency was proclaimed and the things like it makes it interesting relating the story along with the real life facts. The book is not boring in any places and it can be easily followed until the end of the book.

Ashwin Sanghi’s climax are always appreciated in every book and this one isn’t a exception. The book no wonder has found it’s place in the bestseller lists. The business connection that the author was always longing for must have satisfied with this book.


This book is a must read book for all Ashwin Sanghi fans and to readers who want to pick a thriller lined up with historical backgrounds. The book will sure in my re-read list.


Book Details : 

Author: Ashwin Sanghi

Paperback: 588 pages

Publisher: Westland Publications

Language: English

Genre:  Fiction

ISBN-13: 9789385724060

Copy: Flipkart Review Programme

Rating: 4/5

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