Life Mantras by Subrata Roy Sahara – Book Review

Loneliness is a deadly thing that either we can try to learn from it or succumb to its shadows. It is up to us that we tend to learn from the loneliness without lurking into the territories of its dark shadows. Life Mantras deals with the ways in which one can try to lead a happy life without the help of others depending on oneself understanding the various intricacies of life.

Subrata Roy Sahara is a well known national businessman who is spending his time within the walls of Tihar is a known fact to the whole country. So when the announcement came in the dailies that he is going to write a trilogy based on the terms he is spending within the confined walls was a little bit shock to everyone. But in a interview he said that he is stress free and is going to write the trilogy was a real shock and amusement to the readers. 

Life Mantras, as the title isn’t about the author’s details or memoirs on his life in prison or his earlier successful life where he once considered a luminary of Indian business fiasco. The author here plays mind games with the readers that when everyone thinks he is going to write a memoir or his past life events, he ignores the very thought of it and gives the readers a pleasant surprise with this non fiction book. Again it is not a self help book, but it is a book where he explores the meaning of life and other factors that help people lead a happy life.

He explains the facts with ease that our mind knows everything which he says but it is sure to acquire more clarity on the factors he explains and enlighten us more about it. The stories which are examples to the factors which he describes gives the reader a much vibrant picture of the things he comes to say and make a link with the readers without evoking any sentimental or emotional attachments which most self help books do.

Non fiction after a prolonged reading or turning the pages would feel vague and boring, but Subrata Roy Sahara handles it diligently with ease making the readers to turn the pages without any difficulties. To think that it is a trilogy is what lingers a little, but who knows the remaining two books will also be the same kind of thing that will be following this book ? The answer lies with Subrata Roy Sahara himself about his next books. The cover design isn’t that much attractive to catch the normal eyes but the name is enough to grab the book. It’s simple kind of explaining the facts to the readers and the well sorted chapters seems distinctive from other non fictions. Although there are many places where the author tends to refer “You will find it in the later part of the book” or the same things over and over again, which frustrates the readers.

The book is a simple explanation on life things which one needs to find and understand to lead a better life. This would be a book for the ardent fans who are interested in reading non fiction, others would find it boring in the middle.


Book Details : 

Author: Subrata Roy Sahara

Paperback: 298 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Language: English

Genre:  Non Fiction

ISBN-13: 9788129139856

Copy: Review Copy

Rating: 3/5

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