Gumrah by Ira Trivedi

Book Details :

Author: Ira Tivedi

Paperback: 199 pages

Publisher:Rupa Publications

Language: English

Genre: Crime/Fiction

ISBN-13: 9788129139559

Copy: Review copy

Rating: 4/5


Many of the readers would go pick the books which have been made into a movie or a series once it becomes popular in the modern times. But here I was rather surprised to see a best-seller crime novel being written based on TV series Gumrah which ran on Channel V presented by Star India Ltd. As the book cover alerts us with the title screaming the words “11 short teen crime stories” and the foreword by Chetan Bhagat, the cover design sure would lure to take the book from the stands when a reader strolls the aisle of a bookshop. Kudos to the designer Manish Ajgaonkar for a good and much better cover design.


The author Ira Trivedi has already four books and in this attempt she is quite successful in her mission of letting the readers knew about the crime stories based on a TV series.


” If we are not careful about who we trust, we could be used or even harmed.”

     —Chetan Bhagat, from the Foreword

This book not only helps readers know about various stories of adolescent crimes, treachery, bad judgement and deceit, this also alerts the readers on how some relations or some persons can really harm without any hesitation. It will also remain the readers that anything can happen in any kind of situations but if we stay cautious and alert in times like that we can be safe from any harms that this book says.


The author has been very successful in getting into the readers mind and make themselves picture the story she unfolds with a twist at the end and every story baffles our mind like what will happen if such things happen in our lives too.

And I think, a writer must not only influence once thoughts but also make him think about his / her consequences and changes after reading the book. I think many readers will be  thinking twice after reading this book on situations and while making new acquaintances. The plot doesn’t seem to deviate from the main theme always sticking it easy for the readers.

The stories in the book are very diversified on many themes and some really shook when
I read some things were inspired from real life incidents. The author has written the book in a quite engaging manner that it is almost impossible to keep the book down. The book is for a quick read and those who are interested in reading crime novels. The novel is short one so it doesn’t suck much of our time but readers wouldn’t complain about its short nature once they finish the book.


Grab the book in Flipkart or Amazon.







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