With a good morning, comes a good day !!

Good Mornings ? No not the ones where you feel good when the traffics on the roads that you travel are less crowded or the days when we wish it would be sunshine rather than the bland meandering clouds. I am speaking about the real good mornings, that the nature has given us, the one’s we never really noticed in our entire lives, the one’s God provided us to our life.


We all tend to sleep very late (that includes ME too) in the nights that we rush to our sleep and when our sweet alarm tones repeats its tunes, it becomes the most hated song in the world. Even though we snooze them time to time, the repeated alarms we kept would make us disgust the day. So then we make a hurry burry and enter the busy populous polluted noisy world to our work place, study centres,etc., But one thing remains for sure, our fingers can’t stop keep pressing the screens of the mobile screen or checking our whatsapp messages. These makes our morning really a bad ones ultimately the day becomes bad.


Just think about the times when you were a kid. We would be going to sleep early in the night after viewing our favorite cartoons as our father would switch off the television (Idiot Box) and have fresh dreams where we would find ourselves dressed as an Ash or Flash. AS our Mom wakes us in the morning the sun would be ready to greet us peeking hard through the windows to reach us.

Dreams often resists from becoming into a reality in our childhood. This applies in all ages, with a small exception. Many movies have inhibited the thought that every morning the hero , goes for a run in the breezy beach and the lady love comes there with her lovely dog. Even from the past till the present day movies will have a scene depicting this in it , if it has a morning scene. So a morning jog will keep us fit.

This New year entered with a different rule in the capital city with the rule of odd-even policy. Only cars registered with even number can run on even days and the same applies to the odd days with the odd numbered car. This was instructed for a environmental point of view , but it obtained good reviews with the traffic in the city has lessened and this serves as a purpose to control the pollution control. The next mantra which i’m coming to state is cycle to your workplace or your educational place.

Every house is equipped with more than one car if there are more working people hails from a family and this directly influences the number of cars plying on the road. This has dual benefits, your health is preserved as it burns your fat and it reduces a car or a two wheeler from plying on the road and reduces a vehicle for the day.

Mornings become more beautiful if a good surrounding is present. A loving and caring pet , a smiling neighbor, rushing vehicles , sweet music during the morning times will make the morning still more beautiful. We can collaborate all these things to a certain factor called as good vibes which constitute the whole mantra of the morning. Somethings never change in life , because life starts with brushing in the morning and ends with sleeping in the night. So make good vibes around us , so that all the mantras gets included and spread the good vibes with others too.

If these things happen in your mornings your morning will be like a #Colgate360GoldMornings. Be happy and spread the happiness with joy to others.


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