Ramayana: The Game of Life Book #3 : Stolen Hope – Book Review

The joy that you get a new book in hands and it increases your interest in reading is a definitely something some miracle. So last week when I received Ramayana : The Game of Life : Stolen Hope book by Shubha Vilas over the mail, I was keen to read this immediately. The cover design of the design is minimal and at the same time is attractive enough to get the looks of the readers wherever it is placed. It is so colourful and takes the first notice when we hold the book in our hands. Kudos to the design team for this.


But the most daunting thought is that the words “Book 3” on the cover kept me in dilemma whether to read the book from the first part or read directly the third part (ie) Book 3 : Stolen Hope.  (I haven’t read the earlier two books in the Ramayana : The rise of the Sun Prince or the Ramayana : Shattered Dreams). But the author has done the great job of removing the fear from the neoteric readers by providing the summary of the past two books in the inception of the Book 3 which makes the readers to read and follow the story easily.


Everyone would know the basic outline of the Ramayana for sure. It has been traditionally told in many a ways in various books. But what makes the difference between this particular book and the others is that the author has provided various footnotes at the end of each page providing modern day explanations and philosophies about the passage or the story. That footnotes are sure to make a good hit among the readers as new thoughts are being sprinkled all along the book via the footnotes and it is exciting for the readers reading them keeping them hooked to the book.


Further this is a story that has been told as part of the Ramayana series and this particular book deals with the story of how Ram, Sita & Lakshmana wander the forests relocating to Dandakaranya forests, where they learn many things meeting sages and relieving people from curses, etc., A great storm hits the story when Surpanakha falls in love for Ram when she sees him and the story ends with the abduction of Sita. The remaining part is to be continued in the next part.


Although this story is written in parts, it doesn’t feel like it is limited to any particular storyline dividing the epic. The addition of little less important stories all along the way across the entire book has added much value as it would be very useful for the first time readers to obtain sufficient knowledge about the epic. The book is written in a gripping way that it is hard to keep it down, but it seems to be little bit lengthy as we tend to study each and every footnote at the bottom. But to a normal reader the footnotes would provide a maslin of thoughts which will be forgiveable for the length of the reading time.


This book is a must for the readers those who want to know about the Ramayana. Also the author has made this one to be a useful notes by sharing his wisdom and thoughts in every page. Further the summary of the books at the inception of the book makes it clear for the new readers that its not a must to read the other two initial books to get a clear view about this particular book.

Book Details : 

Author: Shubha Vilas

Paperback: 296 pages

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Language: English

Genre:  Religion & Mythology

ISBN-13: 978-8129137333

Copy: Blogadda Review copy

Rating: 3.5/5

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