My Gita – Devdutt Pattanaik – Book Review

In the concluded year 2015 , I had the chance to read and review many mythology books rather than any other genre. Naturally i’m not a addict or a fan who hails mythology. As time passed, the number of books increased in terms of numbers and reviews , I started liking mythology.

This year started with another mythological book written by the famous author Devdutt Pattanaik. The book titled “My Gita” itself gives you a clear picture about what is said in the book.

The present scenario revealed that many mythological books were a huge hit among the bibliophiles and i’m sure this is a sure hit among the readers who love mythology.

What “My Gita” has got surprise for a reader who has only little knowledge or even none. As the book name suggests , this is a Devdutt Pattanaik’s version of the holy book Gita.
There have been many authors who wrote it in simple language for the people to understand. This book also stands for that purpose of enlightening the reader about the Gita.

  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8129137704
  • ISBN-13: 9788129137708
  • Copy : Review Copy
  • Pages : 256 

Pattanaik’s version of My Gita has its own order of chapters. Gita consists of 18 chapters and My Gita too has the same number of chapters but this particular book has a flow which connects each chapters and do not flummox the readers.

Whenever you start reading a mythology book , the main theme of the story has to be known to the reader, in other words , a pre knowledge about the mythology to know it better while reading is essential. But Devdudd takes this condition away by making it simple for the readers. It is simple in such a way that even a person who is not aware of the full script would eventually have a good idea about this in the end.

The author also presents the flow in a manner which is better understandable and he explains the Hindu customs in a neat portrayal. To be precise this gives a better idea to the reader who is reading for the first time. Another great plus for the book is the illustrations which gives a better idea about the details mentioned in the book. This gives a detailing to the book and enlighten the reader more and make i very simple to learn. He emphasized largely on the simple ideas of the customs and the explanation were good.

I haven’t read the Baghvath Gita, but this book gave me a good idea about how the holy scripture will be. This book motivated to do a further reading of the holy book to find more, Even though every aspect on the holy scripture is covered in this book. I found the relation between the various characters in different mythologies a very interesting one.

All over the book there were many illustrations which are enough to understand what is said. It starts with the usual version of the mythology we readers hear. It has explanations about the same effectively. Reading a holy book which is said in a author’s own version will not be interesting for the one’s who have a strong knowledge about the book. It would surely spark the reader who is eager to know about the holy book. Since it is in a version where almost every readers can understand , it still takes time to remember some events and co relate with the earlier happenings.

The book will be a strong recommendation for a novice reader and you will be find it interesting only if you are interested to know more about the events. Strictly for a mythology reader.


Grab the book in Amazon India or Flipkart.







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