Change ? It takes time !!

The nascent days of the neoteric year are upon us. The climate is so fresh that everyone could enjoy the chilling air along with the moderate heats which do not seem to leave us. The season of resolution is what we call the inception of every year. Don’t we all make a resolution for the year which we swear to adhere everyday or follow regularly, write them in our personal diaries (I could sense someone think “note them in our smartphone apps” gotcha !! ).


Everyone expects a change within ourselves, to witness a change that we desire. Usual resolution of hitting the gym, training hard, flooding tonnes of sweat to stay fit and healthy tops the resolution list. Then comes the waking up before the rooster crows at the wake of the dawn seeing the glorious sunlight. The other things follows and we have a list that is incessantly long full of resolutions.


We toil hard to keep up to the promises we have made during the wake of the new year but many fail to adhere to the resolutions they have made ( But some sure hit the bull’s eye). So we may be thinking of why to force a thing that we leave after a few days ?  Why many people fail to hit the bull’s eye of the resolution board while some hit ?  The answer lies in the word “CHANGE”.


Change can be fruitful, if they aren’t really forced. Why storm the whole house with the alarm sound, sleepily wearing the shoes and go for the morning jog to shorten the tummy, when all you want is to sleep peacefully enjoying your dreams. There !! We force ourselves to forfeit our good sleep thinking that it may get the craving results. Of course, they may fetch some initial craving results that our mind wants. But in the long run, these results may or may not be consistent.


Change is inevitable, however it must be from the heart the works that we do for the change. Never try to force anything. Never toil yourself in the wrong ways affecting your health and finding yourself in deep stress. We tend to forget the whole thing in the process of change. We tend to fight the old things, say our heart and minds about the old things. But really we must be focusing on the new things rather than lamenting and worrying about the old things. Just change the way you make your resolutions.



We doesn’t want someone to say you have changed just by losing the small enjoyments to the change by enforcing it. Now don’t get into the fear about change, rather embrace the change.


A person makes a resolution that he must lower around 5 kg from his older weight to make sure that unfit shirt is going to fit me. But what is the use in it, he still focuses o
n the older weight which would make him force the change. Rather try a resolution that I am going to wear a dress in size L this year.See no lamenting about the older issues, no forcing or nothing out of the odd. It’s just a wish that we will be working towards happily rather than forcing to lower the weight.




Wait for the change to happen slowly. Everything takes it’s own time in this world. Remember Sachin didn’t score 100 centuries in a single day nor Apple Iphone’s were invented in a single day.  It’s the happiness that makes us do things the easier way. If we correct our mind and its thinking, then our life will automatically fall into its place.


Remember life gets better by CHANGE and not by chance. After all we are the masters of our own fate isn’t it ?


P.S : I haven’t took any resolutions this year and I am not going to make them. Live the life the way we want rather than submitting it to the fate and running behind it is what someone said to me last year, so enjoy life your way making changes fruitful.








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