Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kane

The ended  year 2015 was surely a year of mythological reads with many authors trying their hands on the various mythological tales with their perception (that’s the trend these days) and to the surprise and amusement of the readers many of them adorned the shelves of the best-sellers.

Mythology never bores the readers who loves it. I am not a mythology fan but for the fact that I have been reading many mythology based novels to attain knowledge about the tales that I have heard, but never read them. Whenever we hear stories of these tales, we will relish the scenes as our childhood is filled with these tales from the past.

Kavita Kane’s 3rd book Menaka’s Choice is one such book which has brought a character to life through her book , who has a little space in the mythological tales.

I haven’t read any of her previous books, but after reading Menaka’s choice, I regret my decision for not reading any of that before.

The way she brought a less talked character in mythology to a protagonist of the book , which talks exclusively about her and her presence is fabulous.

The story which we all know is that Menaka was sent to seduce and disturb Sage Vishwamithra by Lord Indra,fearing that the sage through his meditation and prayers would become more powerful than the Gods. What happened next is all a familiar to us.

But what the author  had tried to bring in this book is that she actually tries to convey the story on why Menaka was sent to the world by Lord Indra to disturb Kaushik the king or Sage Vishwamitra. What are the happenings that led Menaka to do these things makes it as a very interesting plot. The pages that describe the Indralokh period was detailed very well and the reasons the author has arrived was very well said.

The author not only focuses on describing the narration of portraying Menaka as a nymph sent to seduce Kaushik but also the feelings of her towards him and motherly feelings. Kane has also beautifully incorporated politics in the novel which is is to be particularly lauded.

The tale is a mixture of everything surrounding love, betrayal , acceptance , help, responsibility, respect , betrayal and redemption. Every mythological lover will find the book as a neat portrayal of Menaka from the beginning to the end.

The author stands apart from others in choosing these types of tales for his book subjects.

Overall the book should be in the reading list of every mythological lover’s list and also in the best reads of the previous year which ended a day ago.

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Book Details 

Author: Kavita Kane

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Language: English

Genre:  Mythology

ISBN-13: 978-8129137333

Copy: Review copy

Rating: 3/5









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