Gracias 2015

Yesterday must have been the day where everyone have been waiting for the clock to tick the 0:00 AM, watching the breath taking fireworks, the random new year wishes of strangers, updating and messaging our friends our wishes to the new year and the torturous hanging of Whatsapp application during the new year.


It is hard to believe, but Yes 2015 has been on the cusp of the calendar over he past week and we have been waiting to celebrate grand the forthcoming 2016 with lots of expectations. I wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2016 and let us all pray for peace and harmony to exist in the world. Also it’s time to thank the Almighty for letting us live to see the New Year of 2016 and saving us all giving the much needed strength during the recent catastrophe in rain affected Tamilnadu.

Thank You.jpg


Let this year be,


filling our minds with purity in our heart,

thank our Mother Nature,

protect the natural resources and animals,

love one another,

help each other,

learn more things,

increase our knowledge,

making friends,

throwing the sorrows,

filling our lives and others rife with happiness

without forgetting the vestiges of our culture and rich heritage.


And about the resolution part that everyone has been asking me,


This Year all I want to is write correctly the year 2016 in all dates without unknowingly writing 2015 and striking it out realizing my mistake. (I have tonnes which are untouched in the previous years, let me finish it first.)






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