The Bestseller She Wrote – Book Review

I was very happy when I received a mail stating that I had been selected to review Ravi Subramanian’s latest romantic novel “The Bestseller She Wrote”. I had previously applied for Blogadda’s Review Programme and this was the first time I had been given the opportunity. Thank You Team Blogadda and Ravi Subramanian for the signed copy.

I have been ardent fan of Ravi Subramanian for his thriller subjects and have read all his books and my expectations level were high when I saw the colorful cover of the book. A special appreciation to the book cover design team for the minimal yet appealing design that would sure catch the eyes when placed in a book store shelf.


  • Publisher: Westland Publications
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9385152386
  • ISBN-13: 978-9385152382
  • Copy : Blogadda Review Copy
  • Pages : 392


The successful transformation of an author from his usual genre to a new one is something to be lauded for the effort. This would be the felicitous appreciation that comes to mind after finishing  ” The Bestseller She Wrote “.

The author’s earlier seven books brought his nickname ” The Girisham of India” to him (I think that’s an apt title). The conversion worked very well for him and the book was equal to a thriller in many ways, yet one cannot consider it as a full romantic novel. The transformation as a romantic novelist along with a thriller still resides in the writings of Ravi Subramanian.

So what is there in store for the fans as well as the new readers of Ravi Subramaian’s latest book ?

The response lies in the title itself ” The Bestseller She Wrote”. The story is a romantic-thriller combination. The book revolves around the banker as well the best selling author, our protagonist Aditya.

He is accompanied by his wife Maya and a son. During a meet in IIM he sees Shreya Kaushik , who is a student (Aditya is a alumnus of IIM). The first meet happens not to be a great one causing a bitter experience. Aditya being married falls for the beautiful and ambitious Shreya. A compelling chance to be a part of the hiring team led by his friend Sanjay paves way for Shreya being recruited by Aditya for his team.

She was inducted to the team as a trainee before the estimated time. Later the relationship continued to become a extra marital affair and it brings problem to Aditya.

Even Aditya didn’t want to indulge in such things, but it happens. Maya comes to know about these things one day and what happens aftermath forms the main core of the  novel.

The fast paced story-line which transfers the story into a different genre has to be appreciated.




What I liked ?

The connection between how the protagonist gets connected with others and how the author unravel the different knots of the story,

The reasons behind how Maya get’s her infection and the aftermath that happens,

The story is a maslin of love, friendship , betrayal , family , relationship , friendly fights , enmity ,vengeance and true Love.

This book is strictly for readers who love thrillers with a bit of love and more romantic elements. The usual fast paced thrilling subject is missing and made me worried but that doesn’t hinder the novel catching our minds till the end.

The novel from the start till the end doesn’t lag in any kind but the importance between the characters is a little lagging. The best part in this novel will definitely be the climax. When Aditya predicts the things, the readers would have placed their bets on TBSW a hit among the readers and a bestseller too.

Since this movie is also planned to be made into a movie, it will be a decent hit in the Indian market catching the minds of the people to look into other Ravi’s novel that also has the potential to be made into a movie.

Grab the book in Amazon India or Flipkart.

I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!





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