Unexpected Thoughts of an Responsible Tourist

Dear Mother Nature,

These days I am far away from the thoughts about you, as my own works maintaining my life and working for a corporate has become more important for me. Although I felt sorry for this, I couldn’t blame myself. Everywhere people are running incessantly for money, toiling everyday without any further thoughts to make lives sophisticated. And when they get a day off or a weekends holiday, everyone think of escaping the bustling city lives which have been polluted. To escape into a realm of serene and ecstasy which gives a peace of heart and the soul is what people long for. I would prefer to be a lone-wolf to discover myself and to speak with my conscience and my soul. But most people prefer to go for a tourist place with their family, friends  or some prefer to be solitary.

unexpected thouhgts

People mostly praise the way you have been, awestruck by the beauty of the place that God has bestowed which aren’t still polluted. The calmness of the tourist place that doesn’t have blaring sounds, polluted air and busy traffics. But what have we done to some places of tourist places ? We people have been thinking about our luxury without considering how pristine you were.


We usually come by vehicles to the tourist places making its air polluted, even-though we could have used the public transport. Arriving to these places in our vehicle which releases carbon has been a symbol of status for us and selfies with our cars or bikes along with our friends during the trips fetches us more likes and comments. But we didn’t think it would affected the air there and increased the air’s carbon content and other superfluous gases to the atmosphere of the tourist places.


We have been carrying water bottles and plastic covers and littered the rivers and the hilly regions or the beaches to which we visit as the plastic bags are of no use to us after using it. We could have used the dustbins to safely discard the wastes along with the plastic bags but we never use them. So your rivers, hills, beaches are littered with these plastic and block the rains from seeping into the soil, thus reducing ground water level. Our mother earth is suffocating without the passage of water into it and we are the sole reason for it. We deny to safely discard the plastics and the wastes without littering the beautiful spaces.


“All living beings leave only their footprints when they leave a place, but only humans leave their wastes and make the places a hell when they leave a place”


Even we didn’t spare the lives of the wildlife. Building roads and highways near the path of the forests and allowing vehicles during the night times. Many animals died due to the accidents in the highways near the forests and the hills where the animals take a stroll searching for food and water during the night times. We should have responsible avoiding the night time travels, rather taking the long routes otherwise.


Also we have seen people taking dangerous selfies and photographs inside wildlife sanctuaries and the zoos. Recently a man in Delhi fell inside the realms of a tiger while taking a photograph and people and the media both blamed the innocent man as well as the innocent animal. We first must have the sense of avoiding certain circumstances and be careful rather than throwing advices on how it should have been over a incident that happened in the past.


I have seen many monuments and temples in our country that has been ancient enough which portray our long history and excellence in architecture and paintings. But as I have noticed people tend to write names of their loved ones and other things on the walls and intrude the silent space with their cameras and selfies where they aren’t allowed. Like people write in rupee notes and buses and the walls of buildings, they also tend to write these scribblings on the walls with posters and other things. These could be avoided.


We, the people must have the responsibility as to not cross the limits and be a responsible citizen in safeguarding the country’s rich ecological sites and monuments and other structures. Art. 51 -A(g) of the Indian Constitution specifically deals with the fundamental duty with respect to environment. It provides

“It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and to have compassion for living creatures. (To put it simply Art. 51-A(g) refers to the fundamental duty of every citizen to protect and improve ‘natural environment’.


So Mother Nature, I hereby promise that as a dutiful citizen of this country it is also my responsibility to keep the nature and the places I visit a clean one without damaging it. #ResponsibleTourism is the words hereby I will remember whenever I think of going somewhere and be a responsible tourist.


With Love,



“I am blogging for #ResponsibleTourism activity by Outlook Traveller in association with BlogAdda




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