The Thirteenth Day: A story of the Kurukshetra War – Aditya Iyengar – Book Review

This is the season of Mahabharatha battle and every author is trying his imagination upon the great battle to be a sure hit. One such book is The Thirteenth day by aditya Iyengar. The story of the mahabharatha is the one which is known to every Indian and there are many movies and even drama’s and serials were released based upon it and they were popular aamong the people as the plot moves around Dharma and goodness and how goodness will win over the bad.

In India the saying that Dharma will triumph at the last is a famous saying. No wonder how many years , the story and it’s plot is a fresh one. The plot remains the same for every book coming from the different authors but this is a slight different one apart from others.

This book deals about the battle in the perspective from tenth to the thirteenth day. What is special in that , You may have a question here ? Surely it would arise , if you have read various mahabharatha stories.

The author tells about the meeting of Yudhisthira, Radheya and Abhimanyu on the thirteenth day of the battle. Radheya obtains a offer from Bhishma to capture Yudhishthira and to rule the kingdom. Yudhishthira make his way out and then comes abhimanyu where they meet and the history of the battle still remains there.

The books describes the war period after the fall of Bhishma. The conditions of the pandavas in the war and also that of Rahdheya. The book differs from the other competitve in this range is that , this book from aditya Iyengar illustrates the period which is the important phase of the battle.

A good and different perception from the author’s thinking and this book is suited to mythological readers who would love to read the mythological books which they have already read in a different perspective. Since everyone would have known the story of the great battle , this book gives a detailed description about the important days and their clashes.

Title: The Thirteenth Day
Author: Aditya iyengar
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Pages: 260

Copy : Flipkart review Program

Rating : 3.5 out of 5

Flipkart : The Thirteenth Day: A story of the Kurukshetra War


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