Rejuvenating the mundane lives : Trip Ideas

Our lives are hustle and busy in the cities today. We wake in the morning with a sigh of thinking about the assiduous office works and dabble our way through the swamped traffic of cities making a fake smile all along the way cursing our worst life.

We all wish for a savior, a day off from the engrossed office lives, to have a pleasant view other than the mundane computer screens, to be free in the wilds rather sitting in a secluded cubicle, to be away from the posh and time consuming internet and the social media. We wish to eclipse our lives with the one we always like.

So people wish to take a break from their mundane quotidian lives and set their trails of to some exotic tourist spots or some secluded spots where minds seems to be cool, calm and serene. The memories we have there will be everlasting and enduring that we can cherish those memories forever and in times of bad mood which will cheer us up.

We always to tend to go as a pack for these kinds of trips wither with our friends or families. Some decide to be a lone – wolf all along their trips as it will be the best learning experience for their lives. Whatever be the rips will rejuvenate us and our minds so that we can go to our mundane lives back after.

I along with my friends always make plans to go for tourist spots and somehow or the other our plans seems to go vain as it will not take off and the plans remain in our deep darkest places of our minds lying dormant. Our plans take off only when it is out of the blue.

The impromptu plans will always be to the nearer tourist spot to my hometown which people usually call the French Paradise in India – The Puducherry. We always take our bikes to ride along the East Coast on a grayish day. The clouds meandering and he thundering clouds will always refresh the minds and will reiterate us to take rides in the rains. We ride as the rainy mood brings the fresh smell of the lands, as the wind caress our skins with love and the crops along the sideways jitters to the percussive tunes of thunders and we experience a dazzle show of lightning. The final act of watching the sea after the travel and having hot chai or food dodging the rains along the shore will bring the poets within us.

So I here list my wishes to make my stay for a day there and the places I would wish to see there. To stay at a place I need to choose some places near so that I can access the tourist places and enjoy it. I have never stayed overnight in Puducherry, so looking forward to it.

Ocean Spray, ECR:


Those who travel and look for an exotic and astounding locale in the hustling East Coast Road, Ocean Spray Resort is the best one. The Beach resort is well built and has cozy rooms with elegantly neat designed restaurants.

The resort is accompanied by a picturesque view of the Bay of Bengal and has swimming pools encircling the whole hotel with a beautiful serene atmosphere. The palm trees along the shores of the pools will make our minds to remember us the Palm Islands of the Dubai.

The atmosphere is so refreshing that it will make our minds happy once we step into the premises of Ocean Spray. They maintain the rooms neatly and make us feel very comfortable. The cascade, promenade and the heavens room are beautiful to make our stay memorable. The resort is located along the way of ECR 23 kms form Puducherry. So it makes easy to access the tourist places with ease and there is no need for the rushing.

The Promenade, Puducherry :

The people who prefer a gushing of sea breeze along their windows and the sea view along the balcony of their rooms can prefer this resort. This one is located very very nearer to the Promenade beach and makes many tourist places along the Promenade beach accessible from near.

We can take a stroll in the evening along the Promenade walk way or make a jog in the morning with a excellent view from the balcony to have a view of sunrise or sunset. The breeze will always make the minds refreshing. Apart from offering a dazzling view of the Puducherry beach it also has a well maintained swimming pool and in-house restaurant.

The roof top restaurant in the evening will make us dazzle over the beauty of the nature. Nearer to the resort lies the French War Memorial, Gandhi Statue, Bharathi Park and the shores of the exotic Bay of Bengal.  The Mediterranean cuisine along with the local dishes makes excellent taste dinners.

Ajantha Sea View Hotel:

Another hotel which lies in the lines of the Promenade beach is this one. It just thrashes the monotony of another sea view hotel and is the best for leisure’s and travellers. The hotel features a multi cuisine restaurant which offers a variety of delectable dishes that makes us crave for more apart from it they also have a cocktail and a tea lounge.

The services are best offered and make us comfortable and make our stay a pleasant one with fun filled memories. The Promenade beach can be accessed easily and the other spots nearby can also be accessed easily.

Having a hot cappuccino in the Promenade coffee shop in the evening witnessing the wave’s crash against the solid rocks of the beach and the kids diving against the waves would make a enduring memory and a pleasant evening.

And picking one of the three would make an excellent stay and would make my trip and enduring one in the end. Who doesn’t wish to make a trip that rejuvenates our souls and makes our minds fresh and realizing after writing this post on a Sunday and the dejection that comes through the thought that I have a week to dabble through my mundane city life.

Thanks to Cleartrip website for the images. Readers can view a list of other resorts and hotels at Happy deciding a stay and have a happy holiday staying.

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