Joy of real togetherness

There are many happy things around us , yet we fail to make note of it due to the lot of technological devices which have invaded us in the course of time. In the past when there were no technological advancement , people had entertainment , fun talks , games with their neighbors and had a good rapport with them. The world saw a upside down condition when the tech devices made a strong hold between people and changed the way , life actually being lived.

Sharing and caring has been only in paper and internet and not within people’s mind today. Those days parents will give food to their children along with a extra lunch to their friends , nowadays we cannot see this.

People don’t even have time to think creatively. They are being kept busy with time and they are in the mind that tide never waits for none.

I have a few questions which also fit to me in some time. When was the last time , you have wondered the beauty of the nature ? When was the last time , you talked with your best friends ? When was the last time , you have walked with your best one relishing the moments of time ?

The answer would eventually be some years or months back and not a recent one. These answers will truly tell that we miss the precious moments of our lifetime due to these technological advances and its addictions.

Even a morning wish had become a routine only in social media sites and in Whatsapp,hike,etc. We don’t even greet a neighbor and we do even that in Texting in mobiles.

The value of togetherness is also only in words and we rarely see a joint family. There is only solitude in the family , even a child who is the verge of joining the KG classes knows to play Angry Bird and Temple Run , but don’t know to who they are , when a relative comes home.

Where does this take the generation to ? We literally don’t know the answer for it. Children would like to read stories and fantasies which are  ore attractive rather than hearing stories from their grandparents.

Is there any ways that nature would help to reform or make changes to these things. Probably the answer would be a big yes. Take the example of big cities which are in the nearness of the ocean. They have introduced the concept of NO CAR time in the early morning till the afternoon where people can bring in their children and their neighbours to relish the sunday with a lot of people in their locality and to know each other. This will not only engage them to be in a healthy relationships and friendships with their neighbours but will be a huge boost to encourage the Go Green activities and the more people engages the more it will create an impact.

People will forget about the technological devices just for a few hours and have their time time to spend with their families , children and neighbours and this will lead them to realize , how they have missed the best part of life with these advancements. World had many occasions of natural disasters and even people saying world will be destroyed in this day ? but world still exists , Likewise our happiness lies in the enjoyment and nearness to the nature and family and with these devices which cannot even know what is in our mind.

Credits : Kissanpur

If you are more impressed by the way and want to know more about what togetherness means to the people , just visit Kissanpur or

You will find the ways and if you want still more to know just watch this

Just feel the joy of togetherness.



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