There’s Something about you – Yashodhara Lal – Book Review

There are two states while you get a book to read, you will get to find a hint in the title about what the book is and the other is you will not even get a single connection with the book and the title.

The book “There’s something about you” falls in the former category of the previous statement. The story unfolds from the title itself. I have not read the author’s previous book, so I barely had no choice about how the author would write and also the flow in which the author would write.

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So , this is how the story starts , Trish a woman who is unmarried , working in a corporate , in a small match stick like house (with high rents) and also looks after her old father and mother , along with a nice neighbour who have a good-bad friendship with her. The story opens in such manner with Trish always(nearly) a late goer to her work in a corporate.

She was fired in a morning , absolutely when she goes late , not because of going late , but due to the newly recruited recruits in her department. He leaves all the company abruptly and goes.

This is how the books starts and the author really captured the readers minds , i would say, because the story gets many twists and you may not get to reveal anything, if you are thinking , it will be the opposite other.

She finds Sahil and make a better understanding. This story is not at all about a woman and a man in a 20+ age and tells about the love between them.

I am sure you will be mislead by the cover. The story is all about understanding how life should travel for a well focused woman and the relationship between his neighbours and loved ones and parents.

The author scores in the way in which she moves the story and also the corporate life. The characters which are portrayed in this story are something which every reader can relate on to his life. You will definitely, surely , finely find a character like a character in this book in your life. Like a good neighbour who cares for others , a mother who cares for her daughter.

The book is a collection of relationships between many relations and friends and love and understanding the situations in a better manner and how a woman have succeed in it.

I would recommend this to a person who loves to read twists and turns story.

More about the book :

Title : There’s Something about You

Author : Yashodhara Lal

ISBN : 9351771997

Pages : 268 Pages

Source : Flipkart Book Review Program

Buy the book from the link below , if you would like to read it ;

There’s Something about You – Flipkart

If you wish to know more about the author , do visit

Yashodhara Lal – Goodreads


The review is unbiased and I have written my own views , if you find it interesting , do comment about the book in the comment section.

Will post more review about the books soon until then.

Happy Reading



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