As we Order ; So FOODPANDA delivers :

Food is the major criteria for the survival of any living thing. Food is deeply connected with our lives that it cant be separated. Food brings various emotions in our lives. Even a function or a celebration doesn’t ends without having a feast with good food.

Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography. ~Robert Byrne

In Indian tradition we believe in food based on medicinal values and healthy stuffs. All our ancestors have preferences of food based on their nutritional value and we tend to follow them even now.

A hungry stomach cant be fulfilled with more amount of food, rather it can be fulfilled only with an food that appeases the mind and the stomach. Food is an essential thing in bringing happiness. Hungry stomach brews anger, hate, sorrow while a fulfilled stomach brings great joy.

The body becomes what the foods are, as the spirit becomes what the thoughts are.

-Kemetic Saying

We all gave certain dishes or food reserved for a particular period or season of time. Likewise me too have foods dedicated to the particular season as it is very important to go with the climate. As it was summer, our taste usually varies from various non vegetarian items finishing with a cool ice cream or an coke js what everyone does. So here I am to make a small list based on my orders on FoodPanda this Summer and my favourite list for the summer.

As one day our regular nearby hotel was closed for the day we couldn’t think of travelling anywhere else to meet our dinner necessities. Si me and my friends decided to go with the FoodPanda App. I was happy to find that Nalas Appakadai, a famous South Indian Cuisine Resturant was listed in the app. The prices of the respective dishes were also present to make our decisions easier.

As we finished our orders, Foodpanda sent an message regarding the order and in the meanwhile I got the order confirmed by Nalas Appakadai. In no way sooner, I was happier to find the parcels of food delivered at my home around 15 mins from the order. My friends were quite happy at the sight of seeing the various dishes with one commenting that in a hotel we must have waited for every dish but here we get everything in one delivery. And that’s a advantage and the food packaging was neat with tissues and the spoons placed extra.

Now for the food we ordered comes as follows:

1. Aappam with Chicken Chettinad 


Aappam is one of my favourite dishes as I hail from a district where Aappam is the bread and butter there. I was lucky to find Nalas as I said earlier and was even more luckier to get hot Aappams along with Chicken Chettinad which came as saviour for me. I would urge all my readers too to try Aappam and I am sure you wouldn’t regret the decision of trying the meal. Aappam will also be super cook if served with coconut milk which is famously used along with meals especially in South India.

2. Mutton Biriyani : 


A dinner without mutton biriyani on a day in which your stomach tickles to eat something special is a waste. So we ordered mutton biriyani for all of us there. Biriyani plays a major role in most of the functions be it a treat or a celebration. It evokes the mood of festive and brings joy and happiness. The aroma smell of it traverses our minds to another dreamland. Thanks to the Moghuls who popularised biriyani in India. The biriyani along with the curry makes a delicious senses.

3. Mutton Kothu Parotta : 


Kothu Parotta us a famous dish down in South India, especially Tamilnadu where many parottas are made together and cluttered down adding masalas and currys with them. The mutton kothu parotta is very famous and forms a very good finisher and one wouldn’t regret it for eating. Its a must try edible dish for every nin vegetarian foodie and will sure delight our taste buds. The egg flavour along with it makes it the perfect finisher.

As we finished our meal, coke was waiting for us to be the last one drank on a sip and VOILA !! Dinner is completed without the need to walk out of the house. The cost wasn’t too binding us and we were free fo chose our favourite based on the rates. Also the service was quick and we were asked for the feedback about the dishes the next day. The feedback of ours was done immediately and on the whole we were one happy customers.

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

 ~George Bernard Shaw

The more good tastier and healthier food we intake, the more happier our life will be without any problems. What’s more after a heavy delicious dinner ? We were playing through a handful of cool melodious songs from our playlist

When the belly is full, it says to the head, “Sing, fellow!” ~Arabian Proverb

That was a nice experience for all of us. Eat well , Sleep Well – Life will always be merrier.

Try the app or the website of


Happy eating ,



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