Anything for Cricket

CRICKET – the word spells out various stories, emotions, passion filled within it. India is a nation where cricket is seen more than a mere sport. Cricket is like a day to day activity for more than half a population in India. Thanks to the Cricket Board, 1983 World Cup, Sachin Tendulkar and the recent IPL’s.

“Even God skips his work when Sachin is playing” is enough to portray the cricket scenario present in the Indian soil. Cricket is more than a game for the people of India. It evokes patriotism, team spirit, passion, self-confidence. Kids can seen busy imitating their favorite pace bowlers and spinners action, striking the balls like a pro player, stopping the ball like an ardent fielder even in the hot summer holidays sweating out their last of the energy to win a local game.

Cricket brings in a maslin of emotions in our country where it cannot be omitted. Whenever the Indian team plays an home series it is like an festive mood that engulfs the country and people of all ages tend to notice the game inspite of their day to day works.

Earlier days the radio commentary and the news in the dailies were the only options of updating one’s cricket knowledge and the ongoing matches. Then with the arrival of television to every household in the nation and the advanced camera techniques and the computer technology, everyone is able to watch out their favorite players and matches sitting in their home without the need to stand in queues and watching the game in a distant gallery with a binocular. Due to the work constrains many were not able to view the matches although millions watch it on their favorite channels.

The Internet then came as the savior for viewing cricket matches without missing a single ball. Online streaming became an instant hit and the apps updating ball to ball updates with the witty commentaries and all the necessary data’s of the match made life of following cricket much easier. But what is it if we have a slow connection or a slow browser.

UC Cricket  Image Credits :
   UC Cricket
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UC Browser came into picture with its real time updates of match info’s and the ongoing match scores clearing all the problems. It tends to be a faster browser updating the scores without the need to login to any external websites with the scores updated on the browser itself. Moreover waiting for the desktop/laptop to load and irritated by the buffering symbols of slow browsers are well avoided by this method and saves our time which can be done in other useful ways.

Following cricket scores without the need to login, switching on the computers, updating on the go by wink of a click on the UC Browser is an instant hit among the youths and has lead the technology to another level without affecting our day to day lives saving the times of sitting in front of the tvs or the computers. Real time updates without the need for a super-fast internet connection makes it more reliable on the economic side making comfortable of the services available to all people without the need to go for super-fast internet connections is really a commendable job by the UC Network.

As far as I remember UC comes as the best browser for mobiles may it be downloading our favorite music or movies and the latest QR Code scanners, real time YouTube streaming, unlimited tabs with bookmarks o the go were all introduced from time to time with regular updates satisfying its users is a brilliant form of keeping the customers and the users happy. UC CRICKET feature that is included in the browser is boon to all the cricket following fans and in a country like ours this is a one to be celebrated. Now with these technologies Cricketing will never be missed in the days to come.

Check more about the features of UC Browser over here and about the UC Cricket feature in here UC Cricket.

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