Mistress of Honour – Book Review

The story about Indian army has seen many variations by many authors. The mixture of love , true friendship , relations , love for nation gives this story a good sense of read.The love , friendship and even relational gestures in a book are not new to a reader, but the army and its unfold of situations are new and the author touches a great height with his level of writing.

This is the 2nd book of the author Bhavana Arora, the earlier one was “The Deliberate Sinner”. It is the nature of an author to go in a particular way of writing from his 1st book itself. Bhavana has been a different one in that way. The nature of unfolding of twists and turns are somewhat crucial for the story and some times it can be guessed easily.

Plot f the story :

Potnis is an army office who is brave, he falls in love with a Britain born girl named Pansy. They meet during the rescue operations happened at Operation Blue Star. The love blosemmed in Potnis when he first saw Pansy. Then as usual twist unfolds and Pansy goes to Gb and return to India. The sad part is Pansy’s parents were killed during that operation and pansy was left with no one to look after.

Potnis expresses his love and soon they get married and the story starts with their child girl Rihanna. The various operations , which were undertaken by the Indian Army like , Punjab , Srilanka and Karhgil and also in Assam are described in detail.

The author expresses the mission of the Assam in a very different dialect. Also the true friendship between Potnis and Shmasher, which was explained well. Above love it’s the true friendship which wins war.

The story travels sometime around Rihanna in her school , where she meets Adhvik and his brother Kabir. Here Kabir was sponsored by Shamsher for his studies. After the death of Shamsher in a operation his studies were taken care by Adhvik father and Potnis.

The story makes the ending with whether the relationship of Rihanna and Adhvik transforms into marriage , whether the Kargil war ended, Whether Potnis is alive.

So many twists at the last makes this Deliberate sinner , a late last minute winner at the end. The first impression for a book will be moderate , if the army scene doesn’t comes into the picture , the book will have its presence in the other side of the now present state.

Bhavana Arora has made a strong statement to the writing world that she will also come into the best author category if time comes. As it is said in the title , from the real life stories , still more detailing of the war scenes could have been made, because when it comes to a operation not only two friends actually participate but as a group.

Still the author scores in every aspect of the readers wish. This makes the book and the author a great.



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