#ComeCloser to Radiant Skin

Every youth today cares about his skin particularly facial skin. Our rich heritage in Ayurveda tells about various steps to ensure beautiful skin and caring tips to ensure good and radiant skin. But due to the arrival of various artificial cosmetics many tend to fall for those lustrous advertisements and forget about our rich knowledge that we have in our ancient culture and good things of Ayurveda.

The youth will sure appreciate the goodness that Ayurveda holds within itself if it is popularised and carefully made to reach the social medias. All they need is good quality and the ones that do not depreciate the health. Well, we  already have some. Here are some that I knew to get a radiant and glowy skin.

1. Raw Milk

Applying of Raw Milk can clean the impurities of the face and the pores which are unknown to the normal eyes and helps in maintaining the shining of the skin for a longer time. Milk contains many proteins which help in the glowy texture and keeping the skin shiny.

2. Aloe Vera

Abundantly available in a tropical country like ours, we don’t realize it’s uses and rather use them as a decorative plant in most of the Indian homes. But most of the artificial facial cream or skin cream products contain Aloe Vera in its ingredients. Sure the brands know how to use them in its lustrous products. Aloe Vera has amazing anti inflammatory properties thus reducing the swelling and the redness of pimples and the acne present in our face. Most people find hard times in reducing pimples and acnes.  The saviour comes in the form of Aloe Vera. Drinking Aloe Vera juice regularly can also prevent stomach ailments and increase the vitality of the skin.

3. Honey

Honey, another naturally available in abundant natural product which is a natural humectant can help us retain soft and supple skin thus reducing the wrinkles, the flakiness and the dryness of the skin. Thus keeping our skin shiny and glowy for a longer time.

4. Avoiding Alcohol based Skin Cleaners

Try to go natural most of the times as the alcohol based cleaners will make irritation in the skin and makes it dry. It also prones us to bacterial infection in most of the times. So go for herbal products which gives us cleaning our skin and gets us away from bacterial infection.

5. Drink Lots of water

Mostly if we drink water it will help us to keep our body cooler and helps the skin to remain wet avoiding our dry skins. Further drinking water avoids the problems that we face during extreme heats and keeps us safe from all ailments.

6. Try to eat vegetables & avoid fast foods

We tend to eat a lot of junk foods and fast foods due to our life style. But they bring lot of ailments to our body and make our body weaker in the process. But try a lot of veggies and fruits along with your food and see the difference. IT helps to keep us stay from the problems that are created by junk foods and maintain our body health.

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