Book review: The House that BJ Built

Anuja-Chauhan-The-House-That-BJ-built-previewTitle: The House That BJ Built 

Author: Anuja Chauhan 

Publisher: Westland Books 
Genre:  Drama 
Pages: 410

                                                                                                                                                               Rating: 4/5                                                                                                                              

Anuja Chauhan is back with a sequel to the Those Pricey Thakur Girls and she is back with a bang again. Those who enjoyed her previous works would surely enjoy this too. “The House that BJ Built” follows the “Those Pricey Thakur Girls” book after 20 years of those happenings. This book rather deals with the younger generation of the Thakur family and the house that is at stake.

16, Hailey Road – The home of Thakurs has been said to sell off after the Lakshman Thakur (BJ) has given the job to Samar, the popular director of Bollywood. But many complications comes on its way during the sale which postpones the selling. Samar and Bonita, the 4 sisters and the families efforts to sell the house and all the complications  forms the crux of the story.

All the characters are neatly described and you won’t particularly hesitate any character. Anuja Chauhan makes the story interesting and fabulous by making the readers involved and it’s particularly hard to put the book down as the suspense builds up after turning each page. The happiness picks up easily when the family is happy and the comedies are worth a laugh.

As far the characters Samar and Bonita – the lead pairs makes the most impact from the others. The story travels from Delhi to Bombay and finally concludes in Bhutan, so it doesn’t bore even a moment along the whole way. The populous Delhi can be experienced through the author’s word. The book though crosses 350  + pages is worth our times and the Indian English mentioned is sure to get noticed among the other inspiring writers.

A perfect family drama that can be adapted to be taken as a Bollywood Film and it has all the essence to be made into a film. The humor elements, family drama, romance is sure to catch up with the readers and they will get what they paid for. Worth of the Readers Money.

(I received the book via Flipkart Review Programme.) 


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