The word ” Celebration ” is sure to bring back memories which were sweet and worth a tale to be told to our children. Celebration is always accompanied by something grand like Festivals, Carnivals, Birthday Parties, Weekend Parties, Cricket Match Victories, Election Results, Temple functions, College Culturals, etc., Celebrations gives us memories which are to be treasured for the rest of our lives, the wonderful times where we share with the loved ones and time which we would love to keep on going.

I would say Celebration isn’t a line between the weekends or waiting for a festival, it’s the daily things that we do that make us happy. Of course the good times of festivals, party’s do make us happy but it’s the daily events that makes us happier. We tend to run after money, working late hours, avoiding all sorts of happiness to make our lives better for the future. But we tend to miss the present which is more precious than the future. Why not live the present rather than saving the bucket list for the future.

Celebrate Like its our last day
            Live in the present rather waiting for the future to bloom better. 

The things that make me celebrate are :

  1. Music :  

Music is the ultimate thing that makes me feel good, inspire, console whenever needed. It helps me to escape reality for sometimes. I tend to travel to another parallel universe when I begin to play the keyboard or hear my favorite song from my playlist. We can feel our souls ascending into a different world when the music fills our heart. Also touching the instrument and playing them boosts confidence within me and provide hope that I can achieve anything. Music is quite a boost buddy of mine.

  2. Reading Books:  

If music ascends us to peace, it’s the books that makes us travel to different worlds wherever we wish to go. I can travel to anywhere via the books be it the Hobbit Shire or the Ancient India. I get to know all kinds of information both new and old and they can even influence me on my habits. The opening of the book that brings the smell of a new book itself gives us a feeling of a lifetime, which a non reader cannot have it. I intend to have a small library and influence my friends in to reading habits is one of my life time goal.

3. Spending with my family:

We don’t choose our family, its them who God has provided to us when we are born. I am lucky to be one of the proud child of a gifted caring family. Spending time with them can make our  times more worth than investing times in boring tv serials or sizzling songs. Many of us miss the chance of interacting with our family members . But try it often it will the times we will always be reminiscing about in the future. After all these small happiness adds up to greater pleasures. Try it once switch off the Wifi connections, tv channels, forget the whole world speaking with your family and you wont regret it.

   4. My Darling Pets: 

I am one among the hoards of pet lovers , who love their pets more than anything else. I shower them my love towards them and in repeat they shower their love towards us is an immense feeling. Whenever I get home tired or from a trip, the instant happiness throngs in my heart when I reach home seeing their faces as they come towards us with love. Further they makes us feel they are a part of our family and we do care for them more. I play with them mostly and the times are sweet to remember.

5. Long Rides with friends:

A family trip is different from a bike trip with friends. We always tend to go to a random place, get lost, find our ways, drink tea in a petty shop, make friends with unknown people, feel the fresh air, drive as if I am the God father. There’s no one stopping us as we feel the fresh air inside us and the minds clearing all the anomalies that we had over the tiring weeks we had during studies or the work. Bikes which are like a girl friend to most boys have been took most care while the ride.

6. Drenching in the Rain:

When was the last time you drenched in rain ? The answer would be during childhood days or unknowingly during a bad day. But we all would have the pleasure of drenching in rain during our childhood days, building Titanic’s and Warships in paper and racing them with our friends. But due to our ages most people feel shy to drench in rain hiding our pleasure and curse the rain during the days. Feel the rain which traverses from the pluffy clouds and wakes the dusty earth and making verdant lands.

As long as there is hope, there is life – Stephen Hawkings  

We tend to miss out the celebrations saving the pleasures and our bucket list for a later day in the future. But must of us miss to understand that the present is in fact the precious thing rather thinking about the future which is in uncertain. It’s the simple things that we do makes us happy rather than the tedious things that we feel appropriate.

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, ACT & LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIVE HAPPILY RATHER DOING THE THINGS ACCORDING TO OTHERS WISHES. ITS OUR LIFE, OUR CELEBRATION, OUR HAPPINESS that we must share with others to make life a simpler and happier one. The day when we start doing our bucket list is the day we really is happy rather than counting the days, minting money and storing to make life a safer one. (Adventurous life with twists is what everyone expects.)

LIE YOUR LIFE HOPING FOR THE BEST.   No one knows when our last day is, so why save for the future when the present is going lame. Light it up with the things that you love to do rather going it as usual.

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