Start A New Life : With Courage

Change is inevitable. Anything in the world undergoes a changes. Anything starts new after a change.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~Lao Tzu

Image Credits  :  Housing.Com Facebook Page
                       Image Credits : Housing.Com Facebook Page

When I completed my final at school and was waiting for the admission into my college, I never thought that I would be left lonely. The holidays after the final of the school were well spent with happiness and games. And then I thought I would lose my school friends when I enter my college. And finally I got admitted into one of the finest colleges of my state at Salem.

To the fact that I have never been in a hostel and my home lies far away from my college made feel sick. The thought being away lonely made my mind furious. At the day of the admission in to college I realized that I would share my room along with 5 new roommates. The college was beautiful and fun. But still the thoughts of loneliness was haunting and I couldn’t get rid of that feeling.

Courage : New Life

At the inception of my hostel life, as I begun to unpack my materials at the room I was joined by my fellow roommates. We all sat down spoke about out studies, cities, everything. And we also planned to meet other students along the neighbor rooms and it was great fun. And the first few days I had this home sick thing and as the days passed I didn’t have the feeling of home. I spent more time with my new college friends and thought “Hey this is great fun”. Thus I got a greater addition to my friend list at the college.

New Place : New Life 

Another thing that haunted me was the new place at Salem and I didn’t think that would fascinate me. But as soon as I landed in Salem a city filled with hill stations and famous for Iron Ores and Mangoes, I began to like the city very much than my hometown (My hometown has no hills rather some mud hills). The atmosphere of the cold and the verdant lands nearby the college all were quite new to me. Throughout my college life I enjoyed diving into a new life apart from my mediocre school life and had a exuberant college life.

Starting a New Life : (SEED vs LIFE)

I would compare ourselves to a seed. The seed which inside the soil of LIFE doesn’t know it is being prepared for a completely new life. But still it gets its required food, light, water needed for its germination. After someday no one thinks about the seed from which it germinated when it forms as a small new plant. After its bear its fruits everyone tends to forget the small plant that gave rise to tree. So its our courage that makes us overcome our problems. The seed decides to form as a tree, if it is still in fear about the outside world it couldn’t become a tree.

The secret lies within ourselves. Nothing changes by a chance. Everything has to be changed by bringing a change in ourselves. Change is the one thing that never changes, others change on the due course.

“As a seed buried in the earth cannot imagine itself as an orchid or hyacinth, neither can a heart packed with hurt imagine itself loved or at peace. The courage of the seed is that once cracking, it cracks all the way.”

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                                 Image Credits :

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I started to have a new life, that was exuberant and filled with happiness.

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