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Optimism is the one which keeps every human being on their path towards the goals. Optimism will give us the satisfaction even though we lose but instill an urge to try better the other time. The proverb

“Every Dark Cloud has a silver lining “  is true to the extent. Whatever the problem that we face, there are ways in which we can tackle rather than thinking it in a pessimistic way. Optimism holds the key to survive the battle longer than we expected. And here is my incident that made me tackle the problems that I had.

It was during the days when I have completed being a sophomore in college from becoming a pre – final year student. I was a part of the music club as a keyboardist, which would perform during important functions and other colleges. But I have never tried my shot at singing as I was too shy and feared of standing and singing in the stage before thousands. The exuberant period of every college student came in the form of culturals and everyone was busy honing their talents to showcase before the crowd on the day of culturals.

I was well known with my friends as a bathroom singer and every friend of would be saying some nice comments whenever I sing something at the hostel. I thought they were just patting me so that I won’t get upset. My friends were asking me to sing a particular song for the auditions of Solo Singing event that year. I was hesitant because I wasn’t confident on singing before the crowd because of my shy nature.

The day of the audition came and I kept on telling my friends that I will sing after the one finishes. I was postponing my chance till the end and the organizers announced that there are only 2 that can sing yet and they will close the auditions. Around the time one of my senior pushed me towards the stage and the organizers asked out my name and I was bewildered whether to utter my name or not. I said them my name and started to sing closing my eyes out of fear the song that I had in mind suggested by my friends.

I finished and the whole crowd was cheering for me. I was glad that I sang before a small crowd and didn’t think about the results. On the day of final results I was selected for the finals to be sung on the day of culturals. My friends were joy bound and many couldn’t believe I actually sang.

But what fun is in the story if there isn’t a villain?

Before the day of the culturals we had Hostel Day which we celebrated like madness and the whole voice was wretched. All my friends were worried on me singing with that voice and they were sure that if I sing perfect the song that I sang during the auditions (It was an AR RAHMAN number) it would fetch me the deserved accolades. They took me to a coffee shop and became instant doctors serving me hot water so that my voice would get better. And my turn came in the grand culturals. I took the stage with a great fear and when the karaoke started to play, I too started to sing and the crowd went frenzy singing the lyrics with me. Thanks to my friends without them I wouldn’t have performed in that Grand stage and dream of singing was succeeded.

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It was my friends belief in me that instilled the hope, the optimistic thought to drive further my fears. A bathroom singer turned in to a stage singer thereafter where I trusted my own instincts and the optimistic belief.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

It is for us to decide whether the glass is half full or half empty and I chose to stay with my belief of half full. Every night has it’s dawn so thinking optimistic can get a better results rather than mourning on the things that happened bad during the process. Optimism made me realize my talent and overcome my fear with the advice and encouragement of my friends.  What are friends for? I need them to be my friends forever. too uses optimism and look up in their strategies to overcome the hurdles to become the best in their field. If you want to know more about it visit the link provided below.

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Image Credits – – #together

I would take this post as an opportunity to thank them who helped to overcome my ultimate fear. Thanks Machans (I call my friends like this).


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