Empowering Women & their Safety – The Indian Scenario

With the documentary on Rape Case Victim is burning high, I thought of publishing my thoughts about the women empowerment & their safety through this post.

I am honored and proud to say that I belong to a nation, residing in it, where the land is popularly and affectionately known as “Mother India”. This is a proud moment for every person to say the world that we come from a nation that respects women and keep them on a high. But does it make us really proud? How much do we have said to develop “Women Empowerment” and “Women Safety ?

Women empowerment has been a burning issue in the recent centuries or decades. First thing which everyone proclaims about is to clear the differences about the inequalities between men and women. No one is sure to tell whether this difference about inequality has been reduced with today’s’ scene.

Women play diverse roles in every human being’s life as a mother, a sister, a mother in law, aunt, teacher and many. Women are an indelible part of every human’s life. She is the one who give birth to child and dedicate her whole life on raising the child. Literally she is the Brahma – creator of life in the world. A woman after marriage leaves all the outside world connections and dedicates her whole life in grooming the family, making the essential dishes from morning till night, making arrangements to ready the children for school, essential things for her in laws and maintaining the peace and keeping intact the family relationships with no time for herself to look after. No other person can do such things really. Every bachelor must have had this thought, about how their mother thinks and prepare the food when they find it difficult even to determine what to make for lunch or dinner.

Women according to me are selfless souls, the Guardian Angels who cannot be compared with anyone in the world. Who in the world dedicates her whole life for the development of others? Women have always been secluded after marriage diminishing their worldly activities.

Women always have shown stellar performances in various fields be it education, technology, sports, politics, service, etc.  They have adorned various positions in today’s’ world and they have become an indestructible force. Women remain an inspiration to many and prove the world that women are capable of doing many works which seems a distant dream. Mother Teresa, Valentina Tereshkova, Indira Gandhi, Marie Curie are some examples that women can raise up to any position with their hard work. Recent Aero India 2015 show at Bengaluru had India’s copter SAARANG been operated by women pilots for the first time. It was the first time that the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces—the Army, Navy and Air Force—had an all-woman contingent each marching down Rajpath. And it was the first time that a woman officer, Wing Commander Puja Thakur, led the guard of honor to welcome the chief guest of our Republic Day event attended by US President Barack Obama.

But still women empowerment in India needs to be on the rise because women sweep top marks at the annual public examination, university examinations and more degrees are awarded to many women rather than men but when it comes to employment most women are being neglected. The main reason for it is that we lack the chivalrous quality which is essential to raise the standards of women in our nation. When a male child is born everyone rejoices, but when a female child is born many seem dejected and crest-fallen, as if a tragedy has occurred. Dowry poses a serious threat in our country. This practice proves that women are treated as objects and not as a fellow human being.

If a woman rises to a higher position in any field, it’s only due to her incessant hard work. It is an undeniable fact that most people in India think women will soon be married after their graduation and so employment are being neglected for them mostly. Women infanticide and child marriages for women still prevail in many parts of our country and are a common thing.

The idea of treating women as an object has to be abolished from the minds of the people. There has been a time when our women remained inside home surrounded by four walls for the rest of their life after marriage. But referring to current scenario, many women are capable of earning, learning even after their marriage, but are denied. They are forced to be dependent on men for the rest of their lives.

“Anything that makes women feel inferior and takes away her self-respect is an abuse.”

Providing right to vote to women doesn’t holds an opportunity for us to boast about women empowerment. Our parliament consists of fewer women than considering the weightage of men candidates. Women in sports are too neglected. Sportswomen never seem the limelight and are been secluded by the media mostly. Only few who make it to the headlines and are noticed by the media.

Education would pay a major role where women needed to be reminded of their role in developing the nation with their talents and knowledge. The power of women can change thoughts and empower our country to a better state. The right opportunity ought to be provided to every woman talented and keen enough to develop the country. People need to be instilled with the thoughts of chivalry about the importance of women power and shedding the image of male dominance.

Women safety seems to be in a perplexed condition in today’s world. All we hear or read in the dailies is that in some part of the country women are being raped. Women today are in anguished state. Most women who go for work or studies are being teased, passed sexist comments, and stalked. They startle at the ogling of various men, comments passed on them and over taunting speeches.

This poses a serious threat to women empowerment. How women can feel free to work if she is taunted by the seniors, leering of the Romeos along the roadsides, sexist hunters waiting in the buses, trains to harass them. It’s because of these thoughts most parents deny education or working of women in most families.

A recent incident in which a tourist from other country was gang raped in our country in a popular city and what does this incident shows the world about our county? There was rape in our country capital and a rape which was carried out by a cab driver. This degrades our country’s dignity to the other nations particularly; the rape of foreigners or the sexual assault on them doesn’t make a good impact about our country on the global scenario.

The security of women in our country seems to be a real threat. A woman being teased, leered, stalked, and taunted all over the country doesn’t seem to be a healthy thing. Acid attacks on women are also prevalent in our country. Women in our county don’t seem to deserve this kind of action. Women assaulted lead their life in a state of misery while some fight for their right to lead life with dignity.

Women are subjected to unspoken war on the streets everyday on public transport, streets and public spaces. People say obnoxious comments on women dressing senses and most media projects them too, focusing them as provocative. No woman thinks that she must be the cynosure by wearing provocative clothing.  But it’s the person’s mindset and thinking of people that leads to harassment of a woman or assault on her. Rather blaming the women on their dressing senses and restricting their habits of walking lonely in streets, why not stress the safety for women?

As famous poet Mahakavi Bharati suggested in his writings,

 “What good is it to blind an eye

and trying to look at the world with partial vision?

If women are allowed to be enlightened,

the world will appear in all its glory”.

Women must be assured of their safety and strict actions ought to be taken against people who harass and misbehave with women in public places and places of work. As Gandhi envisioned India is a great nation with independence, only when a woman walks without fear in the streets of India. With the incoming of new technological advances and latest mobile applications, women must be able to assure themselves about their safety. Women must also be prepared to tackle these kinds of harassment and learning a self-defense art is a necessary these days. Courageously tackling all these morons, who misbehave and bring them before justice which would be an inspiration to other women, who are afraid to report about misbehavior’s.  Government must also provide and take necessary steps towards strict laws on women safety. With the safety of women, comes the women empowerment and with women empowerment comes a great thrust to nation’s development.


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