Rajathandhiram – The way I liked it

Hey Amigos,

I had the opportunity of seeing #Rajathandhiram movie over the past weekend at the preview show. To be frank it was a hell of a movie that was neat and thanks to the team I have the satisfaction of having watched a heist movie that doesn’t overdo.

A neat heist film

The movie is about three con men –  Arjun, Deva & Austin D’costa who are successful in staging petty heist acts to make their life afloat and stay out of trouble. They don’t overdo because of the policy of Arjun who is the smartest amongst the gang. In the meanwhile Arjun falls in love with Michelle D’mello who is a financial debt. That’s when this con triad is confronted by Madhavan who asks them to loot a famous jewelry shop in town in a noble revenge for Dharma. And the story ends with the things on what happened to the heist and the characters.


This heist film is different from the others from the very beginning with a strong script. No hacking of a traffic signal, no blueprints or pseudo jewels or the tech gadget things. It stays simple not deviating form the reality. It contains only a love song by GV Prakash and there is no other to hinder the racy script anywhere. Kudos to that. The BG Score by Sandeep Chowta was terrific and was apt that we can engage with that. The cast did justice to the story. The performances of them is crucial for the move of the film but the heroine doesnt have many chances to score. Veera & Darbuka Siva excels while the later was fantastic with his timely comedies. It was Pattiyal Sekhar as Azhagappan, the owner of the jewelry shop to be looted that stole the show by his acting.

The pre interval scene where there is a fight to steal a bag inside a hotel parking did bring the audience to the edge. That’s the stellar moment that reminded one doesn’t needs to show martial skills like mass movies of big actors. Also the inspector who was found at regular intervals did well. The Captain of the ship, director A. G. Amid  has stole the show by hitting the bulls eye in his debut film. This man deserves more.


Rather than terming it bad, I can term it suggestions. Why can’t a bad guy be a the same till the end. The stunt of making him a good guy over the climax was dramatic. And also the scene where the Son in law of Azhagappan overdoes which was also dramatic. Rather than this I did not have any feeling than enjoying the film along with the popcorn.

My View : 

A must watch film as its a better one in the recently released film over the weekend. A true winner and the team deserves it.


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