Make a better world for everyone

To be frank that I am given the status of CREATOR of a new world, I am bewildered of what to add and what to eradicate.How will I design the world? What are the things that I will add? But here are my few thoughts.

Many people are around the world wrangle about the existence and formation of human beings. Well some put forth the concept that God created the world and all the creatures in the world and the scientist have a conflict of interest that world was created during Big Bang and men evolved from apes. Let’s not get into that aspect of the stories. The one thought that irks me is who invented money?

If Buddha has been living today in the present world he would have changed his famous words as “Money is the root cause for all evil“. Would anyone deny the fact? It’s because of money that all evils arise in this world. With greater money comes greater power and with greater power comes supremacy and to rule others and with it comes the greediness.

Like Midas story, too much of anything is good for nothing. So with the world I create, it must be a money free world. Money free world reminds me the days when our ancestors of early days were living happily. It would obviously reduce the tension and stress of fellow men, who are busy chasing behind money. They can be happy spending time with their family. Without money in this world there will be no indifference’s or inequalities such as Rich and the Poor.

Next thing is I want to create is a land where there will be no indifference and treat everyone alike, particularly great respect for the transgender. They are also people like us and we mustn’t discriminate them. In that world there must be no discrimination based on gender, color or race.

Then I want to make a world free of mobile phones. Of course flashy mobile phones are the order of the day and are the base of communications around the world. But to add the fact that it had humans a ludicrous one. Long back people used to tell the phone numbers exactly but how many of us today remember the number or the address. We always tend to forget as the information is stored in our mobile phones. Social media such as Facebook, twitter and personal messaging services such as Whatsapp etc., may have brought us closer to thousands of new friends and our relatives who are at a long distance. It had constrained our relationships in a small nutshell and almost vanishing the concept of meetings, celebrations, etc.,

A world where there will be no weapons or nuclear wars,

A world where women will be treated like men and they can assured of safety,

A world where all children get education and good food,

A world full of people, who don’t deplete the natural resources,

A world with peace and humanity,

A world where all animals and living things can live safely and freely,

A world where there will be no pollution,

A world which consists of confident people,

A world consisting of no borders,

A world consisting of regular rains,

A world consisting of fresh air,

A world where people wake up to the sounds of the birds and cocks,

A world consisting of chirps of the morning birds, etc., etc.,


I don’t know if these will be possible but to dream of these wishes is not a sin. I would be very happy if that kind of the world exists right now, making all people happier and the World – a better place to live in.


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