As spring arrives, so does Happiness…

You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming.

– Pablo Neruda

A small stem sprouting seems to have found its way breaking away from the seed and finding its way to the world as a new plant. The new plant was surprised to see so many new born plants by his side. The water along the rivers seems to flowing as the heat would have melted some glaciers. Birds were busy chirping waking up their neighborhood humans with the dawn. The whole view of the village was verdant with all the butterflies camping along the lush green vegetation and the other indicators denoting a particular thing.

hello spring

It’s the season before the summer where the nature is awakened from its hibernation and deep slumber of the dark into a verdant and bright season. It’s the season of rebirth to the whole world which gives a positive energy to every living thing. It marks the season of inspiration & rebirth. It is the favorite season of the year where the poets found more inspiration to write world class poems.

Winter in India is ended by the festival of colors “THE HOLI” – marking the vibrant start of the days before the summer while it’s Pongal which denotes the season marking the outset of new vegetation. The students seem to be dull as their exams are on the clock over the next months while the parents are busy planning their vacation trips. The colleges seem to inculcate the mood of festive as it marks the inception of culturals and the department technical fests. And who can forget that the Cricket World Cup, the quadrennial event finds its schedule along the spring up to the summer season evoking fear in the minds of parents over their children’s studies.

This season seem to culminate hope in everyone. As the spring clears the dark winter with its lush green days, men hope to find ways to clear things on their way and the spring is the perfect example and a reminder that any problems can be solved over the time and NOTHING IS PERMANENT. It also marks the SEASON OF LOVE and the Day of Labor reminding over those two beautiful things to the whole world that Love and Labor can lift anyone higher.



No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. – Hal Borland

Yes. It’s the onset of the spring season. Spring dislocates the deep slumber of dark winter with its greenery and prolonged day. Spring bring happiness among various people and the living beings. It’s rightful to say “As spring arrives, so does happiness”.

Happy spring.


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