55 Word Story – My Writings

Days back when I got the interest to blog, I was just viewing other blogs for various references and how they write and I just came across this wonderful thing called 55 Word Story in Twitter.

The user would a title on the morning of the day and the wishers who want their story published ought to send their stories within 55 words to the respective user within the end of the day so that the story gets feature in the blog. Well I tried some 3 stories and I am presenting two of my stories here. It urged me to increase my vocabulary and make stories simpler so that others would find easy to understand the content in a nutshell.

Here’s my attempts :

August 7,2014


Of Bookshelves and Bookstores

The books along his bookshelf were clustered with dust.

His busy tech life and tiring office works almost made him forget those books.

Now after ages he began to clean the bookshelf and arranged the books.

He took his favorite novel and began to read, as he relished those indelible memories of his young age.

Look Back in Anger

The land was brimming with smokes.

Skyscrapers of the city were destroyed within a flash.

Sound of tanks and missiles were still heard.

He was running to save his pathetic life leaving his chattels behind.

A city known for its beauty was brought down to earth in the war as he looked back in anger.

And another one in the same topic.

Sunny Morning.

Metro City.

Busy Traffic.

Automobiles were snailing through their way.


The car behind has hit Sonu’s brand new car.

He stopped the vehicle and got down the road scolding the driver.

Both began to fight as the public were looking back in anger over the traffic jam, as their cars were stranded.

Yet another one.

The days and nights where they spoke endlessly over the phone,

The places where they roamed in the city,

The messages they exchanged over chats,

The gifts that they presented each other,

The love that they both shared,

Memories brought pain and anger over the unforgettable road accident which took Riya’s life before Ravi’s eyes.

Hope this was a descent try.



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