Ash Wednesday

Here is the day of the year where you will get to see black or grey smudges of ashes on people of both young and old. It denotes The ASH WEDNESDAY, marking the inception of season of Lent, the season of penance and reflection to prepare for the Easter.

Well in these days the believers fast or renounce any habits and prepare for the Easter. Now a days announcing about the habits that we renounce and about the fasting has become an ostentatious thing.

Loads of jokes about Ash Wednesday have started trending in Twitter & Facebook already.

“Start of the Lent and I renounce the habit of doing my homework”.

“Bye Friends & Facebook. See you on Easter.”

Is Lent really about ostentatious announcements of fasting and other renouncing of habits? That’s a serious issue.


I would advise to refer Mathews 6 th  Chapter to know what Bible says about the things that we must do. Updating a status, Publishing a selfie with the smudges of ashes, Trending a hashtag in twitter or boasting about not eating non vegetarianis not the way it is to be celebrated. The season  rather should be a time to refocus and find new ways to encourage habits and practices to promote physical, mental, spiritual and societal good.

Every person’s Lent journey is unique. It’s the time for ourselves to rediscover our self-discipline and self-control. I think that Lent provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to try and take charge of their life a way to be able to do it.

For some it may be renouncing their favorite TV show, For youngsters to focus more on some voluntary activities rather than their quotidian logging of Social Media websites. The goal of Lent season’s idea of fasting is according to me is they must guide us towards selflessness and spiritual renewal.

Get out of routine Facebook and other things, go out for a hour of play, get a walk, help others, read the Bible more. Even it is for a forty day period you would sure find a change and make it also a habit.

So Lent this Lent be a season of change for everyone.

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