The sun has risen up the sky and darkness was expelled by the daylight. It was a normal scene at the busy city with men & women jogging and exercising, homemakers astonished with their rangolis, paperboys busy delivering the dailies, shops opening with hustling vehicles along the streets.



As the name suggests it’s not a one which is of high standards, but a normal hotel run by an old man. He was the cashier of the hotel who managed all the financial accounts and acted as the supervisor to see if the workers were properly working.

The hotel consisted of old tables and chairs which were bought on a second hand. The hotel was popular for its morning tiffin amongst the customers. It was situated amidst busy metropolitan buildings and made a good business on average.

There were few workers and amongst them was Ravi a lad who was in his teenage where he worked as a cleaner. He abandoned his studies due to his poverty stricken family. His salary working from the hotel has been a great relief for his family to account for the daily expenses although it was meager. But he was always fond of studying and dreamed of becoming a police officer.

From morning his work is to clean the tables, wash the utensils and keep the hotel clean. Often the owner of the hotel will scold him for not cleaning the hotel although he used to sweep the floors. Sometimes he would fell embarrassed when the owner scolds him in front of customers but he did his job well.

Today was a busy day at the hotel. Servers running around the tables delivering the orders, masters making out the morning tiffin and the owner were busy with the accounts at the cash counter.

Ravi has asked a fifty rupees to the owner as his brother who was attending school was asking for excursion. The owner assured to give it after the work. He was thinking to surprise his brother when he returned from home. His brother would be very happy on knowing that he will join the other students for the excursion.

The time was 09.00 AM and the shop was almost busy swarmed with customers. A group of children wearing school uniforms entered the shop. Ravi who was cleaning a table saw them entering the hotel. He thought of himself in those school uniforms but then kept on doing his work.

The children who entered had a collection box with them and went straight to the owner who was the cash counter.

“We are school children collecting money for the children’s education who are rescued from Child Labor and Child Trafficking. Please donate some amount for them Uncle” a small boy asked to the owner.

“How can I believe children like you will give the money?” the owner said hesitantly.

“We donate these money to them Uncle. You can believe us” the boy with the collection box repeated.

“Whatever.” Said the owner as he put a coin inside the box and said “that’s it.” And looked somewhere else.

Then the children went from table to table with the collection box and asked for donations. Some people gave and some gave weird looks to them. Some ridiculed them for these kinds of activities.

When they came across Ravi, the small boy extended his hands containing the collection box to Ravi. But he didn’t have any money and gestured that he didn’t have money with his hands. He has heard the children saying it was money for Children’s education saved from Child trafficking and child labor. He was sad that he couldn’t get donate money.

The children finished collecting from men inside the hotel. The customers were busy savoring their favorite morning meal and the servers were delivering the orders like before. The children came out from the hotel and were searching for next shop to which they can go and collect.

As they were busy walking down the streets, they heard a distant voice which stopped them. The small boy containing the collection box turned to see who it was.

Ravi was running from the hotel towards them and on reaching them he was taking deep breaths due to running. He then took out a currency note and put it out in the collection box which the small boy held. He smiled on seeing all of them and the children smiled in return.

The small boy put his hands inside his pockets and took a candy and gave it to Ravi and said “Happy Children’s Day Brother”. Tears rolled out in Ravi’s eyes and the children waved their hands saying a bye to him. Ravi waves to them back and turned to continue his routine work.

He may have given a meager amount but he his heart was filled with happiness that somewhere some child, who was saved from Child Labor and Child Trafficking, would be able to study with this meager collected money.

After all it’s the heart to give that matters and not the amount.



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(Note : All names for fictional purposes and not to mention anyone in particular) 

Celebrate the day with some good thoughts and voice for the rights of children and rise above for the violations against them.


  1. Nice story.You have an amazing talent and wonderful creative thinking.While I read it the scenery is waiving in my mind. Wonderful theme. Today India facing lots of problem in child labour and child trafficking. We take pledge to stop child labour.

    -with love
    Prabhu Manickam


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