Life changes on our own accord

Everyone in the globe must have had his own weakness. Some overcome it and some lose their lives to it making their life miserable. Any weakness can be overcome with our personal strength and thoughts. The only thing needed to eradicate our weakness and to change them into our strength is the Right Mindset.

“Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whenever you fell depressed over your weakness, think of this:

“It’s not your weakness; it’s your greatest strength”
on top of the mountain

Here is a short story which I came up with. I thought this story would inspire someone in some way.

These mundane days were enough to evoke the lethargic feeling inside me. The thought of going to college on this gloomy day made me annoying. The laptop which I forgot to shut down last night laid on the corner of my bed.

As I was browsing I came to see a particular viral video over a social networking site which caught my due attention. These days even a coffee advertisement can strike your minds as the younger generations with new ideas are a part of every field.I was thinking about the awe-inspiring video, my mind began to unfold my chronicles of the past.

As a small child like any other I had the pleasures of playing around in home under the supervision of my parents. The toys, pets which my parents raised and of course my parents meant the whole world to me. And my toddler stage came to an end when I began to speak and walk on my own. Then it was time for my parents to take the decision of my life – The Best School in the city for me to study.

And there started my journey in the kinder gardens in one of the most disciplined and best school in the city. Rhymes, Tables, Animals, Fruits were meant to be the world now. Singing in chorus along with other students in the classroom and playing with them during the noon became my routine.

Then moving on to the real classrooms is where I felt that natural problem inside me.   It was a normal day and during one of the hours, the teacher asked a question to me.  I knew the answer well, but there was something that I couldn’t speak. My speech was disrupted and there were sniggers from my classmates. I felt really embarrassed and the problem continued. It was the fear that overtook me that everyone will laugh at me as I confabulate.

Yes I was affected by STUTTERING (or) STAMMERING that’s what people call. Many people would have dabbled through this problem in their childhoods.

Every student began to mimic me of my stuttering and I became the center of humor whenever they saw me. Although my friends understood my feelings and some of the teachers helped me supporting. But how long can this go ?

My parents were really worried as I was alone most of the days due to my fear of stammering. Every friend of mine near would be playing out on holidays as I sat near the windows or the terrace watching them helplessly. The one relief which I got was the pets to whom I spoke without any hesitation, because they didn’t embarrass me about my frailty of speech.But my life was frantic with the heed of school and my speech giving me nightmares.

And there comes the savior of my life. My parents who were disturbed by my stammering got me to sit and read the headlines of a news channel which was scrolling down. I stammered, stammered a lot finding it difficult to read the flash news. The moment I start reading the inceptive part of the flash news, the scroll will end revealing new flash news. Mostly it was a disappointment to me, but I enjoyed it as my parents insisted on it.

Then they asked me to read the dailies loudly. Initially I stuttered, I paused wherever I began to stammer and completed reading it. It gave me a new confidence. I used this technique to avoid others gawking at me waiting for me to stutter or involuntarily repeat the same words.

As days paused I overcame the fear of speaking with others and began to confab with others without any hesitation. Now I read the scrolls of the flash news at the beginning of the scroll, read a complete book loudly, give my attendance without pausing, speak around with others fluently.

I began to take part in elocution contest at the school levels and district levels. The boy who once feared of speaking with others due to stammering is now one of the popular speakers in his school.

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. So start believing in yourself and conquer the whole world. The right thoughts help to build the better men.

So throw the thought of fear about your inability or your weakness and build up your confidence, turning your weakness into your strength.

The advertisement which I have mentioned in the story is that of Nescafe Ad. It conveys the journey of a lad who suffers from stuttering and tries to become a stand-up comedian starting as a stammering comedian. It’s such a beautiful ad which evoked the past memories of mine.

They moved away from the mainstream ads using models and movie stars with a song by a rather inspirational story. #ItAllStarts hashtag in twitter also has got some more inspiring stories in the form of tweets. Do check it if you have time.


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