Romance with the Rain

The clouds were meandering across the vast sky making it grayish and the day gloomy. At last a relief from the scorching sun, the minds thought. Premonitions of the rains were evident from the whistling of the mistral winds across the windows. The verdant lands were a beauty to the eyes.

Its due time for the monsoon rains. Rain lashes down the earth as if someone has sung on the Amritavarshini raga, which has the power to bring down the rains.

Monsoon rains are an endowment to the people, sometimes a malison. People in India love the rains which provide necessary water to the reservoirs and the crops rather the ones which stir a calamity. But the nature has always been a vast mystery especially with the rains.

It’s a season for everyone. Nature is referred to as Mother Nature in our country. No wonder she feeds her children with the rains. It brings the joy over to all the farmers across the country.

Rain Photography 16

“Rain, it cleanses the soul…”

Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, have never danced in the rain.

Rain washes down the dusts making the lands lustrous and greenish. The drops of rain water clogging to the end of the branches, the electric wires and the gates are a pleasure to watch along with trickling rain water across the streets. Rain water dances along the feet of everyone walking along the trickles of water.

Capturing the nature within the lenses, Monsoon Rain is a season for photographers, even for the amateur photographers. School children long for the rains hoping for holidays being announced around the dawn. They play with the rains making a paper Titanic which make them overflow with joy when they see them sailing across waters trickling down the streets. The working community curses the rain while they prepare for the offices, searching the umbrellas and the rain coats which faded away from their memories long ago.

Rain evokes various emotions across the people. “Evenings – Rains – Coffee – Hot Bhaji“ forms a famous Facebook status or Twitter tweets across the Internet Community. One could also find loads of images being uploaded with idyllic wordings or lyrical verses in Instagram & Facebook with almost everyone trying to become a photographer.

It’s also the season for poets, musicians and movie-makers. Every movie maker has the dreams of filming a romantic song in their film and this season makes the perfect time along lustrous locales. Romantic rain Songs are almost popular everywhere with poetic lyrics. Driving in the rain is a favorite thing among automobile enthusiasts.

The calm streets, gloomy sky and the dull nature would evoke the laziness in anyone, convincing them to sleep a little more in beds.

This season is perfect for all the lovers. A walk along the rains with an umbrella and your loved one in an empty road would be the most romantic thing. Rain also evokes the romance for the nature, animals, everything.

So as I sit with a hot coffee to hear my favorite songs, you too grab a coffee and enjoy the rains. Besides rain has the power evoking various memories and emotions making people happy forgetting their worries.

Start Romancing the Rain.


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